Fighter’s Radiance, Final Branding

I cleaned up the girl vector, fixed up the hand-written text, and added a subtitle. I think I’m happy with this iteration.

#FightersRadiance #FrameArmsGirls #KickAssWithHonor #GameWithGlory #PinoyWargamer

Fighter’s Radiance

Over the weekend, I came up with a working title for the Frame Arms Girl battle arena project that I am working on – Fighter’s Radiance. Yes, specifically inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Gundam Try Fighters.

I’m happy with the fonts and the similarity of colors with the FA Girls logo. I’ll just have to clean up the silhouette (I’m not as proficient with Affinity Designer’s pen tool as I am with Adobe Photoshop).

#FightersRadiance #FrameArmsGirl #KickAssWithHonor #GameWithGlory #PinoyWargamer