Sustained Attack 2019

We end the year smashing make-believe brittle forests and waging pretend war on the tables of Gears & Games with Sustained Attack 2019!

Bow down and pay homage to your champions of this special year-ender tournament:

  • 1st place: Joaquin “SJ” Quema, Trollbloods
  • 2nd place, Artisan: Zach “Kensei” Yonzon, Infernals
  • 3rd place: Archie Chan, Khador
  • Dick Sy, Skorne
  • Diplomat: Jonathan Lansang, Grymkin
  • Christian Castillo, Khador
  • Jan-Michael Suzon, Skorne
  • Jake Emmanuel de Jesus, Cygnar

Special thanks to Gears & Games, Mike “Mang” Ang, Renato Jr “Jun” Ubay and Timothee “Tim” Cheng for the venue, prize, raffle and solid support for WMH Philippines! Shout out to the homies who dropped by and cheered for all the participants – Fred Escalona, Juan Francisco “Chicco” C. Quema, Mike Taroy, Johnmarc “JM” Fernandez.

Here’s to more honorable ass-kicking and glorious WMH gaming in 2020!

Boundless Charge 2019

Bow down and pay homage to your champions of Boundless Charge 2019:

  • 1st Place: Vicvic Villavicencio, Circle Orboros
  • 2nd Place: Manu Rabaglia, Circle Orboros
  • 3rd Place: Archie Chan, Khador
  • Mike Taroy, Cygnar
  • Fred Escalona, Minions
  • Badj Mercado, Cygnar

Special thanks to Gears & Games, Mike “Mang” Ang, Renato Jr “Jun” Ubay and Timothee “Tim” Cheng for the venue, prize, raffle and solid support for WMH Philippines!

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Vaya con dios, Grey Knights!

Time for these guys to go to a new master! I am trading off my big Grey Knights to Ajerico Suarez of the CNC crew for some of his 3D sculpting and printing expertise. I believe it will be good since we get a new Warhammer 40,000/Kill Team player into the fold at Neutral Grounds Cash N’ Carry.

Since I’m looking to get into Bushido, I got my eyes on some premium STL files and have those printed, as well as that Demogorgon that Jeric showed off a while back.

#KickAssWithHonor #GameWithGlory #PinoyWargamer

October Horror

My entry (Privateer Press Skin N’ Moans) for the Pilipintados monthly October Horror contest won among all the other great entries! I received several 3D printed stuff as a prize, which included a miniature painting grip and six miniature bases. Thanks, Pilipintados! And congratulations to all the great painters and hobbyists who sent in their entries!

Hala Pinta!

Fifteen Years

Today, October 26, 2019, we celebrate FIFTEEN black-eyed, bloody-nosed, broken-boned, battered-backed YEARS of WARMACHINE and HORDES in the PHILIPPINES!

Sounding the horns for all our October birthday participants, as well as celebrating the bountiful harvest Halloween vibe, we indulge in good food and good drink, and throw down with the latest version of The Longest Night!

Special thanks to Zach Yonzon for sponsoring the posh and convenient venue. And to Mike Ang and Gears N’ Games/Fortress for letting us borrow some tables to play on. EVERYONE brought something and contributed to a very, very successful bountiful harvest potluck! We had some good chili, pandesal, pancit malabon, KFC chicken and nuggets, spaghetti, crinkles, Yellow Cab pizza and a myriad of soda and iced tea!

Here is to fifteen years of metal mangling and bloody carnage! And to fifteen upon fifteen upon fifteen more to come in WMH PHILIPPINES! Kick ass with honor! Game with glory! 

Community Building

Moving into harmonious coexistence and positive community example, I have extended the fist bump of collaboration with two of the most active and influential gaming crews in the Philippines, War Jeepney and Kampilan at Kalasag Gaming!

Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!

Hello, world!

Hello, world! This is Kim and welcome to Pinoy Wargamer!

Clearly I have revamped my personal website once again. But I feel this time it’s with good reason and a better direction moving forward.

I will still be showcasing personal works – painted models, WIPs, battle reports, etc. – as well as tutorials of what I have learned from the local Filipino hobby community. I will also be including progress on the games that I am authoring, so I hope that goes fine as well.

Although I am a bit hesitant moving forward with my Youtube channel, I’ll try and figure out what to do with that but I’ll post up news about that here, too.

And with that, here’s looking forward to what the future holds for Pinoy Wargamer! Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!