About Pinoy Wargamer

Pinoy Wargamer started out as a personal online identity and a domain name for my planned website. But at the turning point where people were leaving community forums and moving on to social media, I decided to undertake a massive identity foothold – I went and registered the domain name, I took the Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Anything and everything free that I can stamp my brand on, I did. I laid down the groundwork so that when people checked searched “Pinoy Wargamer”, it would all lead to me and whatever I wanted to do with it.

At the same time, I saw a turning point in my own identity in the local miniature wargaming community. What started as limited exposure to the hobby, I found myself learning a lot from my experience being a part of the community. What started as just being a forum admin, I began to see and appreciate the talent of our local competitors and hobbyists. What started as hosting tournaments, I began to enjoy spotlighting and showcasing the landscape of the miniature wargaming scene. More importantly, what started as just introducing new game systems into the community, I came to realize that I now hold a certain responsibility to the community.

And with that came a change for the Pinoy Wargamer brand. It became a soft gateway for people abroad to see what the local wargaming community is all about. It became a place where if foreign players wanted to play their toy soldier games, they would know what gaming store to play at and what gaming crew to play with. It became a source of local gaming events and tournaments, as well as miniature wargaming-related news. It became a place where local gamers can civilly discuss any game system, game store, or game crew.

So that what Pinoy Wargamer is now. I would like to believe that I am in good standing with all of the local gaming stores, their owners, in the Philippines, at least those that involve miniature wargames. I know I am a member of several gaming crews, and I would like to believe that I am also in good standing with all the other gaming crews that are playing toy soldier games. 

I have learned many good things being part of the community, as well as being a player of the various gaming systems. I would like to do my part to make it a better community for everyone else by paying it forward. I say that because what I would like to happen, with whatever amount of influence I have in the community, I would really like is for every player of whatever game system, of whatever gaming crew, of whatever gaming store, to promote and foster true gentlemen and proper sportsmen. We are all skilled and capable enough to win, that I am fully aware of. But sometimes we lose track of what this is all about – miniature wargaming is a social machination, and how you are as a player echoes far in many gaming communities, here and abroad. I would like to have any foreign player in the world, whether when they come over here or when we compete in any country, to have the impression that when they play against a Filipino player, he will remember the Pinoy more of being a good sportsman and a fun player first and foremost, and be a good competitor next. That is far more fulfilling than just getting hollow wins and taking home worthless trinkets.

Winning is not everything. But fun games are legendary. And it is with that sentiment that my war cry is born: Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!