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Warmachine/Hordes Philippines Week 34

The tides of war continues its ebb and flow as influence over the regions shift once again!

The efforts of Anjo Tee and Gino Cobarrubias have gained fruition, toppling Skorne banners off ramparts and raising the flags of the Retribution of Scyrah! Anjo renames the region Helynna’s Valley.

Manu Rabaglia’s Circle Orboros takes over the West with Morvahna the Dawnshadow and her forces!

Despite all the chaos, JR Roxas keeps the symphony and standard of the Protectorate of Menoth dominant over Urcaen!

Warmachine/Hordes Philippines Sheets File 2017

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Age Of Sigmar Philippines 2016 – Week 39

The Dragonforge

Bonesplittaz rampage all across the Dragonforge, while forces of Skaven emerge once again from the shadows, threatening the Grand Alliance of Order’s hold over the realm! But the Stormcast Eternals remain steadfast and  bravely welcome the looming danger from the forces of Chaos and Destruction!

Game results from The Dragonforge

  • Louie Yazon’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious over Ferdinand Villafuerte’s Dwarves (Order)
  • Louie Yazon’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious once again over Ferdinand Villafuerte’s Dwarves (Order)
  • Robert Craft’s Bonesplittaz (Destruction) victorious over Elgin Mallari’s Stormcast Eternals (Order)
  • Robert Craft’s Bonesplittaz (Destruction) victorious over Paulo Valencia’s High Aelves (Order)
  • Robert Craft’s Bonesplittaz (Destruction) victorious over Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos)

Neutral Grounds Megamall

More forces of Khorne Bloodbound trample upon the realm of Neutral Grounds Megamall, spilling blood in glory of their dark god! Standing in their way, forces of Destruction in the form of greenskinz of the Moon Clan and Spiderfang Grots begin to amass, as well as forces of Order’s Wanderers and Death’s Nighthaunts! But ultimately, it was an elite cadre of High Aelves that stopped the forces of Khorne Bloodbound from their slaughter-fest!

Game results from Neutral Grounds Megamall

  • Cyrus Bangcaya’s Nighthaunts (Death) victorious over RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Wanderers (Order)
  • Glenn Gonzalvo’s Khorne Bloodbound (Chaos) victorious over Jacques Wong’s Moon Clan/Spiderfang Grots (Destruction)
  • Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order) victorious over Glenn Gonzalvo’s Khorne Bloodbound (Chaos)

Dice Boardgame Cafe

The war at Dice Boardgame Cafe is at a standstill! Joining the great battle once more are forces of Death’s Flesh Eater Courts, Chaos’ grand allied warband, Destruction’s Greenskinz and Order’s Order Draconis! Which faction will turn the tide?

Results from Dice Board Game Cafe

  • Hubert Dy’s Greenskinz (Destruction) victorious over Lester Ramos Flesh Eater Courts (Death)
  • Hubert Dy’s Grand Alliance of Chaos – Khorne Mortals and Daemons (Chaos) victorious over Phil Munoz’s Order Draconis (Order). Check out Phil Munoz battle report for this match here.

Check out the battle results on the Google Sheets file here.