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Escalation 2017

One more for the books! Warmachine and Hordes sharing the Gears & Games tables with X-Wing! Seven heroes accepted the challenge and threw down in Escalation 2017 last Saturday, September 16, 2017.

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Warmachine/Hordes Philippines Week 36

Uneasy ceasefire observed in many of the regions, but war continues to rage in the West and Helynna’s Valley!
RJ Arcadio leads an aggressive spearhead of Khador forces with Karchev the Terrible, taking Player of the Week in the West, and challenging Gino Cobarrubias’ claim over Helynna’s Valley as Champion.
However, the nightmare forces of Vic Villavicencio’s Grymkin barrels through Khador and Protectorate forces in Hellyna’s Valley.
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Skorne by Jam Ibanez

Jam Ibanez is one of the new Warmachine/Hordes players at Makati Marauders. He is one of the youngblood pioneers who insist on using painted models only – a true player’s standard! Shown are some of the Skorne models he has painted so far.

Comments and questions welcome. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game! Peace!

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Skin & Moans by Kim Navarro

This is my official start into building Grymkin for Privateer Press’ Hordes. My brother, Koi Navarro, generously bought these two for his kuya and now they’re both done in record time. I’ve always loved painting Hordes models. Making mistakes on them is more forgiving and only lends to the more organic look and feel of the models.

Comments and questions welcome as always. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game! Peace!

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Warmachine/Hordes Philippines Week 34

The tides of war continues its ebb and flow as influence over the regions shift once again!

The efforts of Anjo Tee and Gino Cobarrubias have gained fruition, toppling Skorne banners off ramparts and raising the flags of the Retribution of Scyrah! Anjo renames the region Helynna’s Valley.

Manu Rabaglia’s Circle Orboros takes over the West with Morvahna the Dawnshadow and her forces!

Despite all the chaos, JR Roxas keeps the symphony and standard of the Protectorate of Menoth dominant over Urcaen!

Warmachine/Hordes Philippines Sheets File 2017

For any comments or questions, please post on the Comments section. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game! Peace!

Marco Despedida Cup

Fresh off of Battlebox Brawl 2017, as we escalate our warfare, we bid farewell to one of our young brothers, Marco Paderanga, as he takes a new path far flung from Philippine shores.

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Midweek Marauders

It’s the last week for our Fallen Heroes Warmachine/Hordes league, and there I was at the club with no opponent to get my last league games in. Well, gotta make the best of it, right?

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Battlebox Brawl – Episode One

We have made history last Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Makati Marauders! Ten new Warmachine/Hordes players from three different gaming crews showed up and threw down their hardest in Episode One of WMH Philippines’ Battlebox Brawls!

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Tarukan Cup 2017

Gino Cobarrubias and I got to chat a few days back. We were discussing about how people like to do a lot of big talk about relevant social and/or political issues on Facebook, but very rarely do anything actually substantial to help with the situation. The discussion went to helping out or donating to some sort of charity as something better than hot air on social media. That is where Gino mentioned that his dad does help with a charity, the rehabilitation of a displaced indigenous tribe – the people of Tarukan.

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The Feral Song

Luis Bonus of the C&C Crew pushed his Circle Orboros Mk3 battlebox through the gauntlet last Friday, May 5, 2017, at Makati Marauders!

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