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Warmachine/Hordes Philippines Week 34

The tides of war continues its ebb and flow as influence over the regions shift once again!

The efforts of Anjo Tee and Gino Cobarrubias have gained fruition, toppling Skorne banners off ramparts and raising the flags of the Retribution of Scyrah! Anjo renames the region Helynna’s Valley.

Manu Rabaglia’s Circle Orboros takes over the West with Morvahna the Dawnshadow and her forces!

Despite all the chaos, JR Roxas keeps the symphony and standard of the Protectorate of Menoth dominant over Urcaen!

Warmachine/Hordes Philippines Sheets File 2017

For any comments or questions, please post on the Comments section. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game! Peace!

CNC First Blood Warhammer 40,000 Tournament

CNC 1st Blood Tourney for 8th Ed is in the books. Congrats to Mark Octavio, our event Champion!
– Marc Jordan Cruz

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Sylvaneth vs Daemons of Chaos

Battle report by Sunny Yu.

Fun game, 1 vs 1. Border War scenario at 1,500 points. Jason Obal’s Chaos vs my Sylvaneth.

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Path To Glory 2017 Finals

Pics from recently-concluded Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Path Of Glory Finals. Photos by Athan Pabalinas.

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Age Of Sigmar Philippines 2016 – Week 39

The Dragonforge

Bonesplittaz rampage all across the Dragonforge, while forces of Skaven emerge once again from the shadows, threatening the Grand Alliance of Order’s hold over the realm! But the Stormcast Eternals remain steadfast and  bravely welcome the looming danger from the forces of Chaos and Destruction!

Game results from The Dragonforge

  • Louie Yazon’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious over Ferdinand Villafuerte’s Dwarves (Order)
  • Louie Yazon’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious once again over Ferdinand Villafuerte’s Dwarves (Order)
  • Robert Craft’s Bonesplittaz (Destruction) victorious over Elgin Mallari’s Stormcast Eternals (Order)
  • Robert Craft’s Bonesplittaz (Destruction) victorious over Paulo Valencia’s High Aelves (Order)
  • Robert Craft’s Bonesplittaz (Destruction) victorious over Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos)

Neutral Grounds Megamall

More forces of Khorne Bloodbound trample upon the realm of Neutral Grounds Megamall, spilling blood in glory of their dark god! Standing in their way, forces of Destruction in the form of greenskinz of the Moon Clan and Spiderfang Grots begin to amass, as well as forces of Order’s Wanderers and Death’s Nighthaunts! But ultimately, it was an elite cadre of High Aelves that stopped the forces of Khorne Bloodbound from their slaughter-fest!

Game results from Neutral Grounds Megamall

  • Cyrus Bangcaya’s Nighthaunts (Death) victorious over RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Wanderers (Order)
  • Glenn Gonzalvo’s Khorne Bloodbound (Chaos) victorious over Jacques Wong’s Moon Clan/Spiderfang Grots (Destruction)
  • Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order) victorious over Glenn Gonzalvo’s Khorne Bloodbound (Chaos)

Dice Boardgame Cafe

The war at Dice Boardgame Cafe is at a standstill! Joining the great battle once more are forces of Death’s Flesh Eater Courts, Chaos’ grand allied warband, Destruction’s Greenskinz and Order’s Order Draconis! Which faction will turn the tide?

Results from Dice Board Game Cafe

  • Hubert Dy’s Greenskinz (Destruction) victorious over Lester Ramos Flesh Eater Courts (Death)
  • Hubert Dy’s Grand Alliance of Chaos – Khorne Mortals and Daemons (Chaos) victorious over Phil Munoz’s Order Draconis (Order). Check out Phil Munoz battle report for this match here.

Check out the battle results on the Google Sheets file here.

Nurgle Rotbringers vs Slaves To Darkness

I decided to drop by Neutral Grounds Megamall last Saturday, September 17, 2016 with Fred Escalona. We were met with Liam Razo and Jas Tolentino setting up a table for a game of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. I wanted to see how a game plays out, and they did not disappoint. Jas used a cavalry-heavy and Tzeentch-themed Slaves To Darkness force, while Liam used a Putrid Blightking-heavy Nurgle Rotbringers force.

I didn’t get to witness the end of the match as I had to setup for a tournament at House Of Geek. But I am really excited and looking forward to building my Ironjawz in the near future.

Check out the Age Of Sigmar Philippines 2016 Google Sheets file here for match details.

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Age Of Sigmar at Neutral Grounds Centris

Round 1

  • Patrick Chua’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) victorious over Bobby Pedeglorio’s Stormcast Eternals (Order)
  • Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos) victorious over RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Deathlords (Death)
  • Glenn Gonzalvo’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious over Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order)
  • Tiny David’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) get a bye

Round 2

  • Patrick Chua’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) victorious over Glenn Gonzalvo’s Skaven (Chaos)
  • Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos) victorious over Tiny David’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos)
  • Bobby Pedeglorio’s Stormcast Eternals (Order) victorious over RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Deathlords (Death)
  • Athan Pabalinas’ Daemons of Khorne (Chaos) victorious over Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order)

Round 3

  • Patrick Chua’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) victorious over Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos)
  • Glenn Gonzalvo’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious over Tiny David’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos)
  • Bobby Pedeglorio’s Stormcast Eternals (Order) victorious over Athan Pabalinas’ Daemons of Khorne (Chaos)
  • RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Deathlords (Death) victorious over Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order)

Photos by Francis “Kiko” Jopillo

Allies vs Axis Mega Match!

Posted by Dax Maliwat on the Dust Philippines Facebook group page.

Battle Report!

We had a 2 vs 2 mega match last Saturday at Neutral Grounds Cash And Carry. Each team used 250 points! I ran my Allied Heavy Rangers army supported by a Medium Walker Platoon and teamed up with papa Richard’s Axis army headed by Lara’s Command Platoon supported by the Bloody Baron piloting a Blitz aircraft.

On the other side of the table we faced papa Marc and papa Jake’s Allies army. They brought heavy hitters for this match, fielding two Six Shooters, a Bulldog, 2 Pelican Flyers, a boatload of Rangers, and Action Jackson’s Airdrop Platoon.

We used the new rulebook scenario where we were supposed to control 2 objective from opposite sides of the field.

Early game
The Allied opponents came in hard and fast. The two Pelicans swooped in and took out most of my Heavy Ranger units. Good thing the Airdrop Platoon elements mainly missed their rolls which allowed us to wipe them out upon entry.

By this time, both armies are trying to position their units to avoid enemy fire. This is where Bloody Baron’s piloting skills earned him the match MVP. He was able to take out several units while evading ALL incoming enemy fire.

Late game
Both teams took heavy losses at this time. My Allies army is almost wiped out and the Baron was finally gunned down. We were able to take out some enemy units until the game ended with neither team completed the objective. After computing kill points, the Allies team won due to more kills.

One thing I forgot to do was take more pictures! We were so hooked in the match I only took a few pictures. Still a great match though. Epic game, boys!

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Skaven vs Sylvaneth/Wanderers

Originally posted by Sunny Yu on Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar Philippines Facebook group page.

Happening now at MEGAMALL NG – Jas Tolentino’s Skaven vs Sunny Yu’s Wanderers/Sylvaneth at 1000 GW points. We rolled the Take and Hold Scenario of the Pitched Battle matched play setting.

Elves go first and move forward.

Started to take out the Skaven shooting, and took out one Warpfire Thrower.

Skaven turn, the whole hoard moves forward. The two war machines fail to hit. Jas forgot that if the target has 10 models or more, you have +1 to hit and do 2d6 damage.

A unit of Clanrats reaches the Kurnoth Hunters and battle begins! The Kurnoth Hunters proved to be more than the Clanrats can handle!

Jas gets consecutive turns on turn 2, winning all initiative rolls. The war machines started connecting this time, dealing 2d6 wounds with each of their shots (ouch!).

And here they come! Forty Stormvermins! His Hero plants his banner, making akll units immune to Bravery checks, and rerolling all 1’s to hit as well.


Fighting was fierce as the Stormvermins were able to extend to reach the Waywatchers. The Warderer unit, including the Warhawk Rider, got dispatched by their Skaven attackers!

Bottom of the second turn, clearly the Kurnoth Hunters needed help, so the Eternal Guard and Branchwych move forward.

Disaster strikes as not only do the Eternal Guard fail to assault, but the Branchwych also has been failing to cast her spells in the last two turns. The Stormvermin rend  at the Branchwych! That turn hurt…

Turn 3, Jas’ war machines continue to wreak havoc, killing 7 archers and 5 Eternal Guard. Needing 2+ to hit and 3+ to wound and rolling 2d6 wounds, the Skaven were decimating the Wanderers!

But the Kurnoth Hunters, now less than half strength, were able to wipe out the last of the Stormvermins. Together with the remaining Eternal Guard start to make for the Skaven objectives, killing the remainign Warpfire Thrower in the process.

The last few turns see more fighting at the Skaven objective. But the toll on fighters bring down both forces to less than five models, thus neither can claim the objective.

At the conclusion of the match, the Skaven force managed to score 540 to the Wanderers/Sylvaneth’s 440, making it a minor victory for the Grand Alliance of Chaos!

Post Battle

Wow! Those war machines, 40 Stormvermin and the boost to abilities by the banner was used very well by Jas to eke out a minor victory. In hindsight, the assault of the Branchwych was a bad gamble which took out the much needed shield for the Kurnoth Hunters. The Kurnoth Hunters were great, being able to survive the vermin onslaught. Six models seem optimal for a 1000 pt list. Also didn’t have a counter to the Skaven war machines which proved costly. Still well played by Jas today, using the different elements to his advantage. Cheers and congrats on the win!

Great game as always, Sir Sunny. I have great respect on those Kurnoth (kunat) Hunters. Imagine if you had them buffed on those saves, it’ll be much difficult for the Stormvermin taking them down. The mix of Sylvaneth and Wanderers is still a good combination IMO. And love the cool colors again, btw. A sage painter once said that light colors keeps you calm and relaxed while playing. Hehe.
– Jas Tolentino

Age Of Sigmar Philippines 2016

The Skaven victory entrenches the hold of the Grand Alliance of Chaos on NG Megamall. Click here to check out the Google Sheets file here.

Photos by Sunny Yu.

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Wanderers/Sylvaneth vs Stormcast Eternals

Fun 1000-point GW Comp game vs Mike’s Stormcast Eternals.

Basically tried out the 620-point Aralielle in this low-point setting. On one hand, Aralielle is a beast, but at 1000 poins, it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. Still, it would be nice to see if she can get her points back.

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