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Raf Plays Guild Ball

Raf Javier gets his feet wet with Guild Ball gaming, taking on JR Roxas’ Hunters’ Guild and Kim Navarro’s Union. We took Raf through the ringer and it turns out, he’s a natural at Guild Ball! Will look forward to play against his teams in the league.

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Terrible Deeds

I have been having some success with the Khador theme list, Jaws of the Wolf. Initially, I meant to play an escalation list with Kommander Sorscha (Sorscha1), building on her old battle box. Then I came to the realization that in Mk3 now, playing with a lot more warjacks is not only feasible, but fun as well. So I brought lists with just swappable warcasters, but still playing the same theme list. In its current incarnation now, I figured I might as well try playing Jaws of the Wolf with the original jack buddy caster, the Terrible One himself – Karchev!

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Marauders Worlds War Weekend

It was a big weekend for all of the gaming crews that showed up last Saturday, April 22, 2017, at Makati Marauders! All the tables were packed, as pretend war, build sessions, demo sessions and board gaming raged from wall to wall at the club! And players, good friends old and new, almost never ceased to come through the doors! Good times!

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Guild Ball Demo at Emp’s

It has been some time since I got to play at Emp’s place again. I think the last time was playing Warmachine and Hordes with the Horsemen crew. This time around, we were supposed to try out some Kill Team. But since the lot of us were sorely unprepared for it, Emp decided to get a demo game of Guild Ball in instead.

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Guild Ball x [24]7 x CoRe at Metrotent!

Great success with the Guild Ball demo, a collaboration between Wolf Spider Entertainment and CoRe last Saturday at the [24]7 UNOlympics 2016 event at Metrotent, Pasig! There were games, food carts, stuff for sale and tons of people all over!

I had a good time doing the demo, along with my good buddy, Gerard Sarmenta, who was responsible for setting up the collaboration. We’re looking forward to hold even more demos in the future, and expecting a Team CoRe for Guild Ball playoffs soon!

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Mason’s Guild vs Butcher’s Guild

Click on the gallery to view the details of the match.

If you want to learn how to play Guild Ball, post a comment or shout out on Guild Ball Philippines Facebook group page or the Pinoy Wargamer forum. We also play at Charlie Does Manila on Friday evenings. Additionally, there are also Guild Ball crews in House Of Geek and The Appraisery.

Thanks for reading. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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Tigas South Guild Ball

Round-robin Guild Ball gaming at Charlie Does Manila.

Match Win Condition (Play To The Final Whistle) Games are played to a 12 VP win condition.

Round Length (Thinking Time) Chess clocks are set to 50 minutes per player. Admin/Clocked out time is 25 minutes total with clocked out players being allowed 2-minute activations. Round length is 125 minutes total.

Team Roster Selection (The First Team)
1. Select a guild to use.
2. Select an eligible captain model.
3. Select an eligible mascot model.
4. Select 4 eligible models from your Guild and/or eligible Union models

Fred Escalona – Mortician’s Guild
Johnmarc Fernandez – Alchemist’s Guild
Gino Cobarrubias – Mason’s Guild
JR Roxas – Hunter’s Guild
Kim Navarro – The Union

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War Jeepney at House Of Geek

Warmachine, Batman Miniature Game, and Guild Ball happening right now at House of Geek!
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Firestorm Armada x Guild Ball At MB&B

Getting the gaming groove back at Makati B&B with Gino Cobarrubias, JR Roxas, Fred Escalona, Kei Valentin, Aerol Bibat, Rafael Javier, JM Fernandez and Joe Cole of MB&B/Charlie Does Manila.

Aerol, Kei and Raf were already playing a board game when I arrived. And while waiting for JR, Gino and I got a game of Guild Ball.

Kim’s Fisherman’s Guild: Shark (Captain), Salt (Mascot), Angel, Siren, Jac, Kraken

Gino’s Mason’s Guild: Honor (Captain), Marbles (Mascot), Harmony, Flint, Mallet, Tower

  • Fishermen 4-0 Shark scores an early goal
  • Masons 4-4 Flint answers back with a goal for his team
  • Masons 6-4 Honor takes out Angel
  • Masons 10-4 Flint scores another goal
  • Fishermen 6-10 Shark scores a second goal for the Fishermen
  • Masons 12-6 Mallet takes out Salt, for the win!

Fred arrives as we conclude our Fishermen x Masons game, and I get to play another game – this time I used a different line up for Union against Fred’s Morticians.

Fred’s Mortician’s Guild: Obulus (Captain), Dirge (Mascot), Cosset, Bonesaw, Ghast, Casket

Kim’s Union: Blackheart (Captain), Coin (Mascot), Decimate, Snakeskin, Mist, Hemlocke

  • Union 4-0 Mist scores an early goal
  • Morticians 2-4 Cosset takes out a ganged Decimate
  • Union 6-2 Mist gets a body count score by dealing the last blow on a Reanimated Casket
  • Union 8-2 Snakeskin takes out Dirge
  • Union 10-2 Commanding Aura Blackheart takes out Bonesaw
  • Morticians 4-10 Cosset gets the drop on Snakeskin
  • Union 14-4 Hemlocke gets in the winning kick

JR and Gino got a game of Firestorm Armada in, too. It was 650 points, Hawker Industries against Sorylians.

I win by 9 points if I’m not mistaken. Epic moment is when a battleship gets a double critical on a cruiser squad, killing one and dealing 1 damage to all the rest.
– Gino

You can catch us playing a lot of game systems at Makati B&B, usually every Friday.

Makati B&B

Mortician’s Guild vs Fisherman’s Guild

Time for some Season 2 Guild Ball at Castle Black! While I was doing some painting, I put some time to slap some color on my Jac and Sakana, so I figured I might as well try playing a game with my Fisherman’s Guild. Fred Escalona brought up his Mortician’s Guild to play their first Season 2 game.

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