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Death Guard by Liam Razo

Lord of Contagion, painted by Liam Razo, from Games Workshop’s Dark Imperium boxed set. Some WIP pics of this awesome model.

Great work, bro!

Thanks for reading. Comments and questions welcome below. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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Horus by Emil Escueta

Check out this magnificent Horus by Purple Elephant Studio’s Emil Escueta! Seeing work like this makes me want to switch armies. Excellent EXCELLENT work as always, bro!

Thanks for reading. Comments and questions welcome below. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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Battle Of Grey Grove

In the ruins of an ancient city, long forgotten since the time of the old world. Otto and his army moved through the city to perform a ritual to spread disease and pestilence upon the land. While it is an abandoned place, it was still considered sacred to the wood elves and treekin alike and they acted fast to repel the invaders, with the help of the Stormcast Eternals they tried to drive the chaos back.

Otto with a handful of his personal bodyguard Blightkings, Der Uberglotts, ready to take on the might of the Stormcast Eternals.

Leading the force of the Stormcast Eternal, is the Frost-Draco Knights of Azure with a handful of Judicators and heroes to bolster moral.

While Otto is weary of accepting aid from the vile and cunning (and traitorous) Ratmen, he gave them a second chance. They deployed their hideous of beasts at the Wood Elves and try to distract them long enough for the Otto to do his work.

While the Wood Elves mustered an incredible force to hold the area and even manage to summon an Ancient Treeman to help in the defence.

They move with haste to rain down arrows upon the beasts.

The knights moved forward without fear, readying their Draco’s to charge at Otto’s bodyguards. The Retributors steady their aim and concentrate on the vile Blight Kings to dwindle their numbers.

While many of Otto’s bodyguards fall a handful remain, more than enough to keep them preoccupied as his brother Ethrac begins the ritual.

As the battle rages on most of the initial wave of Wood Elves got annihilated by sheer firepower and the unleashing of a grotesque and malformed rat beast.

The Grotesque Rat beast, was challenged by an Ancient Treeman and he was a lot stronger than his instincts thought.

With the downed Rat beast the Wood Elves revived some of the downed kin and begins mustering forces to defend their sacred grounds.

While the Valiant Knights of Azure did their best to halt Otto and his brothers from completing the Ritual they underestimated the behemoth that they faced. With a tide of puss and the swinging of his massive hulk form, Ghurk was too much for any of the combined forces of the Wood Elves and Stormcast Eternals. A handful of Stormcast soldiers remained and the Wood Elves got annihilated, sensing their inevitable defeat they retreated. Otto laughs at the sight, and praises Nurgle for the glorious victory they have won this day.

Text and photos by Liam Razo.

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Khorne Bloodbound vs High Aelves

Originally posted by Roger Allan Belez on the Brothers In Arms Facebook group page.