Toy Soldier Geekery

Want to know where to buy paint and supplies? Want to know where you can buy Warmachine, Warhammer or X-Wing? Want to know where you can play your toy soldier games?

Click here to see an interactive map of where toy soldier geekery is at in the Philippines!

I’ll keep this as a living document as I am sure I will be constantly updating it. If you want to include your shop or gaming club on the map, please do not hesitate to let me know via email ( or just post a reply here. I will further update this for specific addresses and directions (like if the shop is in a building or something). If there are errors or additions, again, please let me know.

The businesses shown here have not paid me in any way or means. I am just doing this for the good of the community, to keep people informed and to spread more interest and visibility to this hobby we all enjoy