Kommander Andrei Malakov and Ruin by Jun Tan

Kommander Andrei Malakov and Ruin by Jun Tan

I participated in Kensei Yonzon’s Company of Iron Warmachine/Hordes league a few years back, and I got to accomplish two of the best achievements where the prize would be to have one warcaster and one warjack painted by one of the country’s best and award-winning miniature painters, Jun Tan. It was a while back and I really didn’t think about it, but Junex is that much of an upstanding guy that he hit me up recently and reminded me of the event reward. We met up and he got the minis from me. I didn’t give him an urgent deadline or anything, but only after a few weeks, I now am the proud owner of two masterpieces (that may eventually get beat up because I will put actual table time on these guys)!

Khador Kommander Andrei Malakov (warcaster) and Ruin (heavy warjack).

Super thanks to Jun Tan (Junex) for hooking a homie up with some of the prettiest Khador models I will ever bring to my games! Thanks to Kensei for that event where even after quite some time, I still get to enjoy badass rewards.

For your Warmachine and Hordes needs, go get your pretty toy soldiers from Fortress, Gears & Games, Dragonforge, Arcanopolis, Makati Marauders and select branches of Neutral Grounds!

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