Zones For Competitive WMH

Zones For Competitive WMH

I’m still hustling with providing a good tournament experience for the local Warmachine/Hordes players but I’m not ballin’ enough to buy those Broken Egg Games zones made from those nice mouse pad/neoprene material. I’m pretty good with graphic design though, so I looked at the texture stuff in my collection that I have scoured or bought online. I slapped on my Pinoy Wargamer brand on the zones and sent them over to my favorite printer.

The idea was to have them printed on a large tarp, glue them on to some non-slip material and cut to shape. Viola! Legit and pretty WMH zones that are on point with size, flatness, non-slippiness (That’s not a real word), and looks good. I used adhesive cement to tack the tarp down onto the non-slip. I then used a good-sized pair of scissors for the cutting.

The zones came out flat and stiff. I don’t think I would want to fold it anyway. But most importantly, they work fine when stacked over with other flat terrain or miniatures. Above is a 30mm mini (Harlan Versh), toeing in on the side of the zone. Looks workable, right?

Here’s the breakdown of cost:

  • 809.00 Php – Tarp printing and shipping
  • 600.00 Php – Non-slip material (True Value)
  • 100.00 Php – Adhesive cement (Small business hardware shop)

It totals 1,509.00 Php, which is about $30 USD. That’s for 8 circle zones and 16 quadrilateral zones. The 8-pack Premium Steamroller Zone Kit from Broken Egg stuff would have cost me $290 USD (14,948.00 Php). That’s some serious gwop right there!

But, there is a down side to this. I tried this out last night in my condo unit. I distinctly remember back in shop class that one should not use rugby (the local term for adhesive cement) in enclosed spaces. And that is exactly what I did for the two circle zones shown above. The place smelled funky real fast! I had to open the windows and fan it all out. Normally, you’d have to coat both surfaces, and then let it stay for 20 to 30 minutes, and then sticking them together. I just spread the adhesive cement on the underside of the tarp, albeit it was thin, and then let it stay for about five minutes. Then I just slapped on the non-slip and prayed it would work. I figured the non-slip material itself, plus it being all grid-dy (That’s not a real word, too), would do the job.

There’s also a lot of waste material, both on the tarp stuff and the non-slip stuff. But that comes with the territory of DIY-ing this.

And then, there’s also the smooth PVC surface of the tarp material. If you’re used to very little budge when moving minis on top of grass mats, or mousepad cloth mats or textured Zuzzy mats, you may want to exercise a bit of caution when nudging models on the zone. They will tend to slide more easily over the PVC material compared to other more porous material.

Players coming into an event without their own zones will end up being problematic for the event organizer, which usually is me. Participating in an event where the EO’s don’t have the proper zones also don’t make for positive tourney experiences. With this solution, I can run events more smoothly, and lend these and my other flat terrain to either Gears & Games or Neutral Grounds when requested or as needed.

Shameless self-promotion aside, I’m all for moving the local Warmachine/Hordes community in the right direction. Carrying the small cost of making these is fine so long as everyone else has smoother gaming experience. And with that, good luck, have fun, and always bring your ace game! Peace!


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