Escalation 2017

Escalation 2017

One more for the books! Warmachine and Hordes sharing the Gears & Games tables with X-Wing! Seven heroes accepted the challenge and threw down in Escalation 2017 last Saturday, September 16, 2017.

Thanks to Mike Ang and Jun Ubay of Gears And Games for accommodating us! It’s too bad that three of the registered participants were unable to make it, but Manu Rabaglia and Fred Escalona gladly joined in their place, making it a seven-participant event.

Congratulations to the event’s Champion, and thanks to all that participated!

  • Vic Villavicencio (Grymkin) – 1st Place Champion
  • Manu Rabaglia (Circle Orboros) – 2nd place Warlord
  • Mike Taroy (Cygnar) – 3rd place Hero
  • JM Fernandez (Cryx)
  • Kensei Yonzon (Cryx)
  • Ayo Supangco (Protectorate of Menoth)
  • Fred Escalona (Minions)

I designed custom event-exclusive full art stat cards as gifts for Escalation 2017 participants. I picked a warjack or warbeast from the list they submitted, and made one up for each player.

With each round having thirty minutes per player, we got to conclude the event early and everyone got to enjoy the remainder of the day.

You can get Warmachine and Hordes miniatures from Gears And Games, Fortress and select branches of Neutral Grounds.

Comments and questions welcome. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game. Peace!

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