CNC First Blood Warhammer 40,000 Tournament

CNC 1st Blood Tourney for 8th Ed is in the books. Congrats to Mark Octavio, our event Champion!
– Marc Jordan Cruz

Thanks to the players who took the time and participate: Sunny Yu, Cyrus Bangcaya, Bryan Kaye de Guzman, Christian Martin Azuelo, Patrick Valbuena with special participation of Julan Uy.

Hats off to our event judge, Kent Celino!

Of course thanks to Michael John Lao and the rest of the Neutral Grounds Cash and Carry crew for allowing us to have the venue for this event.

Lots of eye-openers and light bulb moments considering 8th Edition is still new. Looking forward to more events for the new edition!

Article and photos by Marc Jordan Cruz

I wish I could have been there and covered the event myself. I’ll try to get more details like army lists, etc.

Update: I got a list of what factions the players used

  • Mark – Drukhari
  • Sunny – Necrons
  • Cyrus – Tyranids
  • Bryan – Ultramarines
  • Pat – Grey Knights
  • Martin – Death Guard
  • Julan – Space Wolves
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