Tarukan Cup 2017

Tarukan Cup 2017

Gino Cobarrubias and I got to chat a few days back. We were discussing about how people like to do a lot of big talk about relevant social and/or political issues on Facebook, but very rarely do anything actually substantial to help with the situation. The discussion went to helping out or donating to some sort of charity as something better than hot air on social media. That is where Gino mentioned that his dad does help with a charity, the rehabilitation of a displaced indigenous tribe – the people of Tarukan.

Thanks to Mike Ang and Tim Cheng of Gears & Games for allowing us to hold the tournament there, and for the constant support to the Warmachine/Hordes Philippines community. Thanks to Gino for EO’ing and all of the participants of the event.

I won 1st Place Champion on that event. Sadly, there were no more Khador coins as prize, so I had to settle for a Protectorate of Menoth coin instead. I used one list only, a Jaws of the Wolf theme list with Karchev the Terrible as my warcaster.

My first match was against Hobby Haven Horseman, Jon Lansang. He used a Destruction Initiative Convergence of Cyriss theme force led by Father Lucant, Divinity Architect. By destroying his two battle engines, I got the win with control points as he castled his warcaster way back behind his Prime Axiom.

My second game was also against HHH’s Dick Sy. He brought a Xerxis, Fury of Halaak, list with a lot of heavy warbeasts. After taking out Molik Karn and Tiberius, there was a lot of maneuvering and counter-maneuvering that took place afterwards. I took advantage of the situation and went for control points, too.

The finals table was against Makati Toy Soldiers’ JM Fernandez. He used a selection of two Cryx lists, between Lich Lord Terminus and Lich Lord Venethrax. He decided to use Terminus against my list. After several trades, JM eventually went for control points and got in the lead with 3 control points to my 2. Unfortunately, his turns took too much time and in the end, he clocked himself out, giving me the V, and the Championship.

I hope I did the games true honor of competition and deserve the acknowledgement of victory from my opponents. For the Motherland!

Thanks for reading! For any comments of questions, post them in the comments box at the end of the article. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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