Terrible Deeds

Terrible Deeds

I have been having some success with the Khador theme list, Jaws of the Wolf. Initially, I meant to play an escalation list with Kommander Sorscha (Sorscha1), building on her old battle box. Then I came to the realization that in Mk3 now, playing with a lot more warjacks is not only feasible, but fun as well. So I brought lists with just swappable warcasters, but still playing the same theme list. In its current incarnation now, I figured I might as well try playing Jaws of the Wolf with the original jack buddy caster, the Terrible One himself – Karchev!

I was supposed to open the club early with Aerol Bibat, but it turned out I needed to take of some things in the morning. I got my laundry done, and I wanted to look for a nerding kit box like what Rod German and Luis Bonus mentioned the night before. It would be the best time for me to go walk around SM Makati, get that box, buy some printer ink, look for camera stuff (like a tripod, etc.), get a haircut and get a good meal.

I found the utility box, but I was hoping to get a white one. They had nothing in stock but pink. I decided to think if I really wanted one and gave it a pass for that moment. But, if any of you are interested in this kits, they come in three stackable layers, and the clasps are more sturdy than the ones found in Daiso. It’s price tag said around 300.00 Php if I remember correctly ($6.00 USD).

As a particularly nice bonus, I found small containers that, after getting some hobby work done on them, they would be very good industrial containers for terrain pieces. You get two for around 80.00 Php ($1.60 USD).

So in my short adventure around SM, I came across the usual 40K crew, Mark Octavio, Kent Celino and Angelo Dumatol, at Neutral Grounds Glorietta.

I got the Epson printer ink I needed, but not the haircut (Bruno’s Barbers was undergoing a renovation). I initially wanted to get some Yoshinoya, but I remembered the burger spot at the basement level. It’s called Fuel Burgers and I got the Cheesy Lava Burger, which came with a side of fries, and a large lemonade. It’s 250.00 Php ($5.00 USD) worth of yummy goodness. Since the cheese was slathered on top of the bun, I had to eat it the wrong way – with a knife and fork – but it was still yummy nonetheless.

When I arrived at Makati Marauders, the table by the door was already occupied by players of the day’s Pathfinder event, along with the separate room. Aerol was also doing a demo for Guild Ball. As the 40K players arrived, more of the gaming started to pick up.

I got to play Karchev1 against Aerol’s Haley1 at 75 Points Cost using the Steamroller CID 2017 Spread The Net scenario. I got sloppy with my first game, not calling the Counter Charge correctly with one of my Juggernauts, resulting in a pointless loss of one of my warjacks. But I still managed the W with a trample from Karchev1 on Haley1, dropping Sunder on the Cygnaran on Unearthly Rage turn.

My second game was against Mike Taroy’s General Ossrum, same pointage and same scenario. He deployed wide, but he had slow=moving infantry. I was sharper on this game, trying to put pressure on him by going second and fighting for control points early. And the mind game of Counter Charging heavy warjacks weighed on Mike’s play. After a series of Unstoppable Force Bulldozes to clear a lane for a Tune Up Ghordson Driller casterkill charge, and Karchev1 having Unyielding and one focus point for reinforcing, the attempt was not enough. Tag-teaming after a well-placed headbutt, my pair of Juggernauts succeeded in bringing Ossrum1 down. Road To War is awesome!

Some of my learning points while playing with Karchev1:

  • Road To War is awesome!
  • If you’re on Battle-Charged, try to be more aware of what you can charge
  • Sometimes, charging just for the heck of it (well not really for the heck of it, but more for the additional movement), seems pretty good, too
  • Road To War triggered by a Kodiak’s Vent Steam is awesome!
  • Keep the War Dog safe
  • Playing at disadvantaged points cost is dumb
  • Try getting some Battle Mechaniks in the list next time
  • Run Behemoth up next time, instead of just taking pot shots. Being up the board fast means getting some range on utility models to bombard, like Carvolo, or Thor.
  • Having a variety of warjacks is way better than spamming cost-efficient warjacks
  • Road To War is awesome!

I got to interact with some of the RPG guys there. Maybe next time I can try and join in on one of their sessions.

Aerol got to play some more Guild Ball games against Cyrus Bangcaya, so I’m hoping the Guild Ball momentum picks up more. I would have wanted to play some more Guild Ball games, too. Maybe I should start the ball rolling (pun intended) with the refresher league at the club soon.

The day winded down, and I got my Spotlight done for this month (spoiler*, so look out for that one). Well, I have a candidate for the next two months, too.

Makati Marauders

Warmachine/Hordes Philippines

Warhammer 40,000

Guild Ball Philippines

Thanks for reading! For any comments of questions, post them in the comments box at the end of the article. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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