Carnage & Wreckage 2017

Carnage & Wreckage 2017

Congratulations to the winners and participants of Carnage & Wreckage 2017!

  • Mike Taroy (Protectorate of Menoth) – 1st Place Champion
  • JM Fernandez (Protectorate of Menoth) – 2nd Place Warlord
  • Jojo Villegas (Skorne) – 3rd Place Hero
  • Gino Cobarrubias (Retribution of Scyrah)
  • Manu Rabaglia (Circle Orboros)
  • Dick Sy (Minions)
  • Gerard Sarmenta (Convergence of Cyriss)
  • Jake de Jesus (Cygnar)

There’s always a reason to be grateful.

So I’ve been riding the miniature wargaming scene (yeah, we play pretend war with toy soldiers) since 2000, long enough that now, not only do I still keep playing miniature wargames (both casually and competitively), but I host tournaments, too.

Since your boy’s turned 41, I held a Warmachine/Hordes tournament today at Gears & Games (G&G) as celebration. To make it special, I got legit prize support from Privateer Press and chucked away the usual kinda-steep entrance fee. Thanks to everyone who took the time to show up at G&G earlier for my Carnage & Wreckage 2017! Gino Cobarrubias, Manu Rabaglia, JM Fernandez, Dick Sy, Joseph (Jojo Villegas), Mike Taroy, Jake de Jesus, and Gerard Sarmenta – I appreciate that you guys made an effort to dare the Saturday traffic and be on time, even if it’s just to play.

Thanks to Gino who offered to carpool a lot of us earlier – to and from G&G.

Thanks to Manu, who just arrived this morning from Jakarta, got his army from his place, and went staight to gaming with us.

Thanks to Mike (Mang, Mike Ang) for his continuous support, who let us play at G&G and was dope enough to donate stuff for raffle for the event.

Thanks to Renato (Jun Ubay) and Timothee (Tim Cheng),I know you guys both had some personal shit to deal with, but you still made time to hold down the fort at G&G earlier with us.

Thanks to Fred Escalona, that made a huge effort to show up earlier. He even brought a dope mango roll as a birthday present!

Thanks to Sergio (Zig Naguiat), Juan (Chicco Quema) and Joaquin (SJ Quema) for also making the trip to G&G and showed up with a killer chocolate cake as a present, too!

Thanks to Gerard and WSE, not only for showing up to play, but also donate some GB stuff for raffle, too!

Thanks to Johnmarc (JM) for the soon-to-be-very-much-used fire wall!

Thanks to the guys who dropped by G&G earlier and made this an even more kickass day than it already was – JR Roxas, Romy Estrella, Mike Monroe Yu, Jonathan Lansang (and Jon’s doppleganger), Jay Estaris

It was an awesome week for me as well!

Even if it were just simple text messages or PMs or email, for all you beautiful people who remembered, much thanks!

Thanks to my Novare family for the greetings and the cake!

And of course, super thanks to my loving fam (Rosaline, Ina, Jake, Josiah, David, Deanna, Jonathan, Trixie – for the undying love and support to the biggest 41-year old kid in the world! Love you guys!

The above was my actual Facebook post after the Carnage & Wreckage 2017 event last April 1, 2017 at Gears & Games. Looking back, it was indeed one of the very best days I had. Here are pics from that day:

Thanks for reading! For any comments of questions, post them in the comments box at the end of the article. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

Warmachine/Hordes Philippines

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