Filling Gaps by Karl Manalo

Tip Fighter III – Third Strike

It happens. Sometimes you assemble a model and you’ll get gaps. Plastic, metal, resin, whatever. If you’re an experienced hobbyist you’ll reach for Milliput, greenstuff, baking soda and CA glue or whatever filler you’re used to.
But what if the gap is small and irregular that using Green Stuff and the like would be wasteful, awkward or may cover detail?



*beats somebody up with a phonebook*

***WARNING – the following rant is a personal opinion and is not endorsed by the PINOY WARGAMER page***
Liquid Greenstuff is a BAD product. Never have I encountered a product that does so badly what its advertised to do. Its expensive, has a terrible shelf life, is grainy, it kills brushes and it shrinks when dry. Its not even actual green stuff. Its grainy not-glue. Its Nurgle snot. Literally anything else is easier and more reliable to use.
***Rant over***

Before reaching out for an expensive branded product, why not try woodglue? They come under different brands. I use the Pioneer one shown in the pic but there are a few others. Basically they’re like white glue thats thicker, stronger, sandable and takes paint well. I bought a 500ml bottle for 90.00 Php back in 2008 and i dont think it’ll cost a lot more now.

To apply just take a damp brush and brush it on the offending gap. You may thin the glue out with a little water to make it more manageable. Wipe off any excess with your finger, a rag or a q-tip. Let dry. It dries pretty fast.

Depending on the size of the gap there might be some shrinkage. Apply a second layer if necessary.

While cleanup is easy with water Id’ still avoid using good brushes to apply the glue.

Check back again tomorrow for another use for woodglue aside from sticking stuff together.

Originally posted on Pinoy Wargamer. Article and photos by Karl Manalo.

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