Holding Miniatures While Painting by Karl Manalo

Bakerofish back at it again with them tips.

Remember those acetone bottles?

Fill one halfway with ballast/sand/vibranium/whathaveyou and top with a layer of glue. I used wood glue here but you can use plain white Elmers. Let dry.

Place the cap back on and slap some blutack on it and you have a holder for minis painting.

Filling the bottle halfway puts the weight towards the bottom, balancing off the mini. This makes for a less topple-prone set up. Filling the bottle all the way up may have more weight but is easier to tip over. The glue keeps the sand and thus the weight from shifting.

Best used for light plastic or metal minis. Anything heavier than that will need a bigger and heavier setup. Also works with old paint pots.

Speaking of wood glue, check back tomorrow.

Originally posted on Pinoy Wargamer. Article and photo by Karl Manalo.

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