Superglue Maintenance by Karl Manalo

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some tips that’ll make hobbying easier. This might be common knowledge to some, not groundbreaking or sexy by any stretch but definitely handy to know and geared towards the local gamer.

First up!

I’ve heard some folks locally not wanting to buy super glue in bottles because a) mahal (expensive) and b) they can’t finish an entire bottle because they get the cap glued permanently to the bottle or tube.

Simple solution: wipe down the nozzle with acetone or nail polish remover. It’s just 6-8 Php at your local sari-sari store.

Basically after each use, “you make taktak” your super glue so that none of the stuff stays in the nozzle and wipe off with a rag or tissue damp with acetone. You would want to avoid getting acetone INSIDE the bottle. Hard to do but yeah careful with that.

Do this and your superglue nozzle will be crust, frost and jam free.

Oh and don’t throw away the acetone bottle. We will talk about that tomorrow.

– Kensei Yonzon

Good tip.
–¬†John Zablan

I dunno… I found this post sexy. Thanks for the tip!!!
– Joma Israel Adique Laza

Originally posted on Pinoy Wargamer. Article and photo by Karl Manalo.

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