Kings Of War – Ogres vs Khador (Kingdom of Men)

If a game written by the great Alessio Cavatore allows me to play with my miniatures in old school regimental warfare, count me all in yo! Here’s how some brutal Ogres take the battlefield against forces of the Motherland!

For Khador, we have a small block of Doom Reavers (a regiment of Berserkers), a solid block of Iron Fang Uhlans (a regiment of Knights), a big block of Iron Fang Pikemen (a horde of Heavy Pike Block with Blade of Slashing), a big block of Winter Guard Infantry (a horde of Arquebusiers with Brew of Keen-eyeness), a Koldun Lord and Koldun Kapitan Valachev (both Wizards with Fireball 6 [Razor Wind] and Heal 2).

For Ogres, we have a horde of Warriors, a horde of Siege Breakers, a regiment of Shooters with Brew of Keen-eyeness, Army Standard with Kaba’s Holy Hand Grenades and Grokagamok (using the Butcher model as a stand-in for Grokagamok).

Turn 1 – Khador

The Winter Guard Infantry receives the Halt order while the Iron Fang Pikemen advance into the woods. The Iron Fang Uhlans take a flank with an On The Double order. The Berserkers advance up and pivot to ready for a flank support charge.

The Winter Guard Infantry unload on the Ogre Warrior horde and inflicts three wounds.

Turn 1 – Ogres

The Ogre Shooters receive the Halt order, while Grokagamok positions himself so he won’t be charged by the Iron Fang Uhlans but can charge anything coming through the side of the building. The remaining Ogre units go On The Double up the battlefield.

The Ogre Shooters fire at the Iron Fang Uhlans and inflict two wounds.

Turn 2 – Khador

Despite the possibility of getting a vulnerable side, the Iron Fang Uhlans get a flank charge on the Ogre Siege Breakers. The remaining Khador units receive Halt.

The Winter Guard Infantry continue to rain shots on the Ogre Warriors, who now have a total of eight wounds.

The Iron Fang Uhlans charge was less than spectacular despite being a flank charge, and inflicts only five wounds.

Turn 2 – Ogres

The Ogre Siege Breakers advance into the woods, bellowing challenges to the Iron Fang Pikemen in front of them. The Army Standard moves to safety away from the range of the Khador wizards and guns. Grokagamok and the Ogre Shooters charge into the Iron Fang Uhlans!

Grokagamok and the Ogre Shooters slaughter the Iron Fang Uhlans!

Turn 3 – Khador

The Iron Fang Pikemen received the Halt order, as the Winter Guard Infantry position to get good shots on their right flank. Koldun Kapitan Valachev casted Razor Wind on the Ogre Siege Breakers and inflicted two wounds.

Turn 3 – Ogres

The Ogre Siege Breakers charge into the Iron Fang Pikemen! Grokagamok, the Army Standard and the Ogre Shooters advance further and cover their right flank advantage.

The Siege Breakers inflict six wounds on their charge!

Turn 4 – Khador

The Iron Fang Pikemen and the Doom Reavers slam into the Siege Breakers with a massive charge and successfully break the Ogre unit! Shooting over their own units, targeting the Large Infantry Grokagamok, the Winter Guard Infantry and the Koldun Lord try to weather down the character Ogre but fail to do so!

Turn 4 – Ogres

The Army Standard and the Ogre Shooters declare a double charge into the Iron Fang Pikemen and succeed in reducing the Khadoran fervor to a waver. Grokagamok runs through the Koldun Lord easily and find himself at the battle line with his kinsmen!

Turn 5 – Khador

The Winter Guard Infantry continues their Halt in preparation to further weaken the Ogre front! The Doom Reavers take better charge position.

Twenty rifle shots from the Winter Guard Infantry readily bring down Grokagamok. Razor Wind from Koldun Kapitan Valachev fails to wound the Ogre Shooters.

Turn 5 – Ogres

The Ogre Shooters and Army Standard declare a double charge on the Iron Fang Pikemen, but were still unsuccessful in routing them!

Turn 6 – Khador

With a counter charge from the Iron Fang Pikemen to the Army Standard and a flank charge to the Ogre Shooters from the Doom Reavers, the Khadoran forces manage to push back the Ogre incursion!

Post Battle

Khador: The Winter Guard’s (Arquebusiers) weathering 24″ long range rifles did a lot of work in this game. Enemy opponents, even horde-sized blocks, can be vanquished with combined arms from rifles and spells from the Wizards. Controlling counter charge on the flanks with the Iron Fang Uhlans (Knights) would have been more ideal but was successful with the other flank with the Doom Reavers (Berserkers).

Ogres: Running straight down the barrels of rifles was a bad idea, even for tough customers like Ogres. The forest on my left flank should have been used more for LOS denial and battlefield control, especially against a salad bowl army like Khador (Kingdom of Men). A refused flank would have been a better maneuver.

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