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Coming in to the first day of 2017, I found myself adding some more reinforcements for my Warmachine Khador force.

Early last December, I decided to finally get Ruin from Garrick. He bought it for me at a discount during one of his hoarding trips in Fortress. He was generous enough to buy it for me and sell it to me at the same discount. I already assembled Ruin, and had gotten a first coat of primer on the entire model. I kept the small medal bit off at the moment, but I’ll affix it as a finishing touch to Ruin when I’m done.

Additionally, I also purchased a Cherry Mobile Tegra Note tablet, specifically for War Room 2. Sure, Privateer Press announced that they will release all the cards digitally in the near future, but I don’t really mind. War Room 2 is still a very convenient app which I can check stats for any model easily (Yes, I purchased the full War Room for all factions).

A few days after the Christmas Tournament at Gears & Games, I bought a new Khador Battlegroup, the one with Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgard; a Juggernaut and a Decimator; and a Grolar + Kodiak heavy warjack kit. I already assembled Lord Kozlov. The Juggernaut was missing a shoulder bit, which I promptly messaged Fortress/Gears & Games about. The Decimator is also assembled and had a coat of primer. I assembled a Grolar from the Grolar + Kodiak kit, but I used an old plastic heavy warjack kit and affixed the Kodiak’s arms on it, so I’ll have a plastic Kodiak.

Earlier, I got the Obavnik Kommander Zerkova & Reaver Guard from Fortress. I checked it at Fortress and found one base missing, which they promptly replaced. Hopefully when Charlie Does Manila opens its doors again, I’ll be able to play with this new warcaster with the guys. This one is still unassembled and in its blister pack.

I also bought myself a digital copy of  Osprey Publishing’s Frostgrave from DrivethruRPG. I’m also looking to get Rogue Stars as well. I also got a couple of maps from Heroic Maps.

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