Dark Angels TODA by Obi Parcon

Dark Angels TODA by Obi Parcon

The Pope’s dropping by for almost a week and that means almost a week of holiday slash painting time! After weeks of working on the Deathwing terminators, it’s time to shift flavor and dust off the Ravenwing bikes.

It’s two coats of Bosny black spray before I went on with the first round of detailing (as pictured above) as follows…

For the Ravenwing rider:

  • P3 light green aquila wings with GW green wash, and P3 bright red for the sword
  • All skulls are picked out in GW bone with GW sepia wash
  • GW blood red for the eye lenses
  • P3 purple on the right shoulder pad
  • Parchments are colored GW bone with GW sepia wash
  • Scribbled scriptures on the left shoulder pad in GW white
  • All Ravenwing iconography are colored GW white

For the Space Marine bike:

  • GW boltgun metal trims and exhausts, with GW black wash
  • GW white for the front-guard and rear aileron wings with watered down GW black wash
  • Holes are drilled on the exhaust ports and twin bolters
  • Rolled cloak attached in the rear toolbox is colored GW military green with GW green and GW dark brown washes

For the plasma gun:

  • The front nozzle is GW scab red lined with P3 red highlights, with GW dark brown wash
  • Plasma reactor is colored P3 light green lined with P3 bright green, with GW white dots on the corner-most part for glint then slathered with GW green wash

In Day 2 of my work for this biker dude, I put on the remaining details to wrap up the job.

  • Everything black is highlighted in P3 light gray
  • I drybrushed this gritty GW technical earth paint on the wheels before sealing it with GW dark brown wash
  • The bike’s control dials are painted GW scab red while the on-board viewscreen is GW dark green with P3 light green grid lines
  • For the squad markings, I put on the red Fast Attack decal on the right shoulder pad then topped it with the number “2”. I then sealed it with a decal setter.
  • Wrote the word “irae” on the biker’s left leg parchment which is Latin for “wrath”.
  • Put on a skull decal on his right greaves to denote a past campaign or something. It just looks awesome so there.

And since I finished painting him while the Pope is in the country, I shall name him Brother Pontifex of the Second Squadron, Ravenwing! Go forth and cleanse the Imperium of traitor scum!

Next up, base Brother Pontifex and paint another plasmagun biker.

Thanks for reading! For any comments of questions, post them in the comments box at the end of the article. Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game!

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