October 2018

06 Saturday [Gears N’ Games] XWING 2.0 Mini Tournament
+++ Ronald Daguman

13 Saturday [War Room] Gundam Collection Tactical Battles Tournament
+++ Arvin Tan

13 Saturday [Gears N’ Games] INFINITY Tournament
+++ Harold Soon

14 Sunday [Gears N’ Games] Warmachine/Hordes 75PC TOURNAMENT
+++ 1st Place Manu Rabaglia (Legion of Everblight)
+++ 2nd Place Mike Taroy (Mercenaries)
+++ 3rd Place Joseph Villegas (Skorne)

20 Saturday [Neutral Grounds Centris Walk] Shadespire Store League Championship (Quarter 2)
+++ Milan Tan (Farstriders)

27 [Gears N’ Games] Warmachine/Hordes JAY ESTARIS FUNDRAISING 100PC TOURNAMENT
+++ 1st Place Joaquin Quema (Trollbloods)

27-28 Saturday to Sunday [Neutral Grounds] Electronic Games and Gaming Summit

Warhammer Underworlds
+++ 1st Place Nzo Sarmiento (Spiteclaw)
+++ 2nd Place Edsel Palle (Magore’s Fiends)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Tournament
+++ 1st Place RapRap Banzon (Stormcast Eternals)
+++ 2nd Place Glenn Gonzalvo (Stormcast Eternals)
+++ 3rd Place Joshua Daniel Flores (Maggotkin of Nurgle)

September 10 to October 28 [Magus Cebu] Warhammer Cebu League Results
+++ 1st Place Daniel Hans Tan (Astra Militarum)
+++ 2nd Place Toby Tan (T’au Empire)
+++ 3rd Place Christian Sayson (Blood Angels)

28 Sunday [Gears N’ Games] SW DESTINY Monthly Championship
+++ 1st Place Dexter Jpe Ang

November 2018

4 Sunday [Neutral Grounds ATC] Into The Maelstrom, Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournament
+++ 1st and 2nd Place Tie, Mark David Octavio and Ron Del Rosario (Team Baduys) and Tony Munoz and Joel Padilla (Team Power of Friendship)
+++ 3rd Place Dennis and Laurence Tan (Team Imperial Basterds)

24 Saturday [Gears N’ Games] XWING 2.0 OFFICIAL OP
+++ 1st Place Romy Estrella

+++ 1st Place Fred Escalona (Minions)

December 2018

8 Saturday [Gears N’ Games] XWING 2.0 OFFICIAL OP YER
+++ 1st Place Romy Estrella

9 Sunday [Glorietta Activity Center] Battle For Glorietta Pass
+++ 1st Place Bryan Kaye de Guzman
+++ 2nd Place Bobby Pedeglorio
+++ 3rd Place Sunny Yu

+++ 1st Place Joaquin Quema (Trollbloods)
+++ 2nd Place Zach Yonzon (Cryx)
+++ 3rd Place Vicvic Villavicencio (Protectorate of Menoth)

15 Saturday [Neutral Grounds Centris] Shadespire Store League Championship (Quarter 3)
+++ Marti Tan

16 Sunday [Magus Cebu] The Cebu Winter War, Warhammer 40,000 Tournament
+++ 1st Place Christian Sayson (Blood Angels)
+++ 2nd Place Nicholas Yen (Space Wolves)
+++ 3rd Place Daniel Hans Tan (Astra Militarum)

16 Sunday [Gears N’ Games] INFINITY ChrITSmas TOURNAMENT
+++ 1st Place Ayo Supangco
+++ 2nd Place Harold Soon

5 Sunday [The War Room] X-wing Community League Season 1!
+++ Champion Eli Bitong

January 2019

19 Saturday [The War Room] Youngbloods 2019
+++ 1st Place Jeffrey Quiambao (Cryx)
+++ 2nd Place Carlo Bagapzee (Legion of Everblight)
+++ 3rd Place Rojee Arcadio Rimando (Khador)

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