Trollbloods vs Legion of Everblight by Liam Razo

Borka 2 VS Thagrosh1

25 points with theme

Scenario: (we just put objectives and call it a day lol)

Legion Army – 24 / 25 points
[Theme] Oracles of Annihilation

[Thagrosh 1] Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight [+28]
– Carnivean [18]
– Harrier [3]
– Typhon [20]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
Spell Martyr [1]
The Forsaken [0(4)]
Blackfrost Shard [9]

Trollbloods Army – 23/25 points
[Theme] Storm of the North

[Borka 2] Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaw [+27]
– Dire Troll Mauler [15]
– Troll Axer [10]
Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears [10]
Northkin Fire eaters [7]
Kriel Stone Bearer & Stone Scribes [6 min.]
Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North [0(6)]

I forgot to take pictures of the deployment and such so ull have to make do with what u see on this first pic.

I gave Carlo 1st turn to see where he was gonna place typhon and the carnevean, since I only had one heavy and bears that “can” take a heavy. I had to choose where to place them like rock beating scissors.

As you can see the bears dealt with Typhon in one turn of combat which surprised me a lot for a 10 point unit they certainly earned back their points

The res of my units move to the other side with my mauler facing the carnevean. I didn’t burn the fire eaters this round thinking that the carnevean will do the buffing for me with its breath attack lol.

But to my dismay they ended up getting obliterated with Thagrosh1 spell using his minion as a sacrificial archnode. Killing one of my fire eaters and wounding my mauler 5 points worth of damage.

On my 2nd turn I decided to move borka2 up at the center so that everyone (well almost everyone) is affected by his feat. And also used his special ability to cast an animus for free. I cast rage on the dire troll mauler so that he won’t have to spend fury to do so.

I also casted frost hammer on the black frostshard unit which to my error, realize that they are immune to cold! Since I already rolled the dice to hit (and successfully hit) I didn’t revert my action and to my regret carried on with borka having 3 fury left.

I then activated my axer to give rush to the mauler and proceed to move it out of the terrain and be a bit close to my warlock.

Fire eaters move up and I decided that since Carlo wasn’t gonna target them with his breath attack, I decided to do it myself. Move them in such a way where the pyg will also hit his own brother. But alas failed to hit so he didn’t get the boost. But they did kill the harrier from that attack and wounded the carnevean 1 wound which was a plus.

Carlo had a difficult choice to make on his turn, since borka2’s feat is activated, it means he can only have 1 strike on the mauler, so he decides to make the most out of it by grabbing my mauler and throwing it away from the carnivean.

And to his advantage he threw the mauler to my fire eaters! And killed one of them failing the tough check.

Lots of tactical play here and we had to disturb Vicvic and Stevens game to make sure we got it right (thanks guys!)

So Carlo now used his feat to revive typhon and proceed to move him at the back arch of my mauler so that when it berzerks towards his carnivean, his typhon can get a free strike.

Luckily for him he rolled a critical hit and proceeds to throw the mauler, canceling my charge. Unluckily for him, since the direction of the throw hits his own carnivean both it and the mauler are knock down.

Pass the mauler anyone?

At this point the mauler was pretty much dead to me since his spirit was already out and only had 7 wounds remaining in total.

And Carlo also decides to kill valka because… Valka lol, using his black frost shard to do it. 

I had to remove his blackfrost shard unit to give way to my bears to charge and kill the carnivean.

Borka was the only one who can do it and so I said screw it and charge him at those dudes. Luckily he has a bomb with him and can assault so I took the opportunity to place a 3″ aoe at the far left (not the solo) boosting to hit and not boosting damage since its all in on the damage.

Killed the dude and his solo on the flag and proceed to wack the other with trauma and killed it, leaving one dude which to my error I should have used the bear to attack the close one and trauma on the far right dude. (brain farts)

With a clear line for my bears to charge, they charge the carnevean but only one bear was able to make it due to the forest only the handler and one bear can see it leaving the 2nd bear hanging.

Carlo then decides to end my mauler in exchange for killing his carnivean with my bear, he moves Thagrosh1 but in a way where I won’t be able to free strike him with my mauler.

On my turn, I charge typhon with my axer since it got nothing better to do and thought I’d just block it from borka. Or at the very least get a free strike if it does charge borka.

And just moved my stone bearers to be able to reach borka for that +2 ARM

Carlo decides to attempt to assassinate my warlock and debuffs my axer with some sort of mutation that basically prevents me from transferring my warlocks damage to the axer.

He then proceeds to charge his typhon on my warlock and my axer barely scratch its hide from the free strike.

After all the combat, borka was left with 5 wounds making it a failed assassination attempt and Carlo decides to shake hands and call it a good game.

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