Cryx vs Circle Orboros by Jeffrey Quiambao

Eight Cryx models spread out with the Witches maintaining formation at the very edges of the Egregore’s range while advancing with bonejacks towards objectives. Circle moved as a unit towards the western objectives.

A Cryx Chicken rushed to the circle’s rear, arcing a -2 ARM curse of shadows debuff on Tanith and Stygian abyss for damage which the warlock redirected to a Gorax. Cryx then occupied the eastern objectives and took ambush positions near the round objective in the west. In reply Circle’s Wild Argus attacked the Chicken in the rear while the rest occupied the western objectives and buffs such as Admonition played though Tanith saved just one fury for defense. 2-1

A Chick approached Tanith triggering the W.Stalker to move between them in the westbox. The Chick in the rear managed to wound the Wild Argus while the other Bonejacks stalked Tanith arcing two Stygian Abyss damages spells against the warlock one of which was redirected to the wild argus. 5-4

The Wild Argus, on its last legs, finally took out the Chick in the rear while the W.Stalker pumped too much vs. a Chick prematurely ending their encounter. The Gorax moved to protect Tanith who again reserved one fury for defense. 

Tanith still cursed of shadowed again used fury in the next turn to redirect Stygian Abyss damage once but is blinded and dealt severe damage by a second serving, making the warlock easy pray for a Chicken which finished the warlock off with a sustained attack.

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