Cryx Battle Reports by Jeffrey Quiambao

Witch Coven of Garlghast vs Karchev the Terrible

Eight Cryx models spread out in the advance as the Khador trio moved as a fist down the center. Cryx units ran about in the flags and zones and a chicken flanked to arc debuff and minimal damage at Karchev, but is overkilled by ranged attacks the following turn.

Khador lumbered to the western flag. Cryx solidified East while harassing Karchev at a distance at west zone. Khador used his feat to delete a contesting chicken and to move a heavy to another contester which however survived. The game soon ended at dice down with Cryx winning by a nose on control points.

Witch Coven of Garlghast vs Kommander Sorscha

The Khadorans moved forward as the Cryx forces shot at Kommander Sorscha from behind her magical Fog Of War, denying the Behemoth line of sight. Sorscha spell moved casted Wind Rush and advanced into the fog, then charged the offending chicken but rolled poorly. Sorscha just barely got taken out the following turn taking spells and a hail of attacks from 3 focus-laden bonejacks.

Witch Coven of Garlghast vs Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight

Legion warbeasts aggressively moved forward with the Warlock safe behind. Cryx had spread out the witches to claim control points while the bonejacks took ambush position at center.

The Nephilim hopped on a hill to contest the east flank. Azrael took west with Kryssa close behind hoarded fury. Three bonejacks positioned behind the Nephilim’s hill, denying Azrael line-of-sight. And with spells, helped destroy the Nephilim to score on the east zone while a chicken runs to the west zone (Cryx 2 – Legion of Everblight 0).

In the west flank, Azrael destroys the contesting chicken while Kryssa uses her feat, Rage Of The Dragon, to take out the object (1CP) on the west zone to score (Cryx 2 – Legion of Everblight 2).

Three bonejacks destroy their objective (1 CP) in the east zone. Cryx feat, Nightfall, to neuter Azrael’s sniping for one turn and a witch scored center circle zone. Meanwhile, another witch snuck into the west zone forest
(Cryx 5 – Legion of Everblight 2).

The Legion of Everblight lynched the witch hiding in the west forest, retaking that zone while Cryx retained the east and center zones. Dice down was declared soon after before Cryx’s turn ended. Cryx takes the game on control points (Cryx 7 – Legion of Everblight 3).

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