Realistic Broken Glass by ScaleDracula

It’s time for another quick SBS, I’ll show you how to make a realistic broken glass. Just to be clear: I’m not the author of this technique. It’s actually pretty old, but I can’t find any good step-by-step visualization in the Internet. And the effect is really cool, so I think you should try this.
Here’s the full SBS with some more comments and tips:…/
I’ve seen my friend Luc Po applying this effect on his Willys Jeep. Make sure to check it out.


The final result.
Stuff necessary to pull that off: 1. Microscope cover glass slips, 2. Transparent adhesive tape, 3. Ruler, 4. Hobby knife, 5. A big grain of sand, 6. Glass knife or a diamond scribe pen
Shape the glass with the glass knife and sanding paper.
Clean the glass and stick it to the adhesive tape.
Get rid of the air bubbles.
Cut off the excess tape.
Press the glass against a grain of sand to create this classic spiderweb effect.
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