Cobblestone Bases by Joshua Daniel Flores

Hello! In case you guys are interested, learned this nifty trick on how to make cobblestone/fieldstone bases for your miniatures.

Mix up some Green Stuff and roll into a chickpea-sized ball.
Spread evenly on your base (30mm Malifaux base pictured) and flatten as needed. Trim off any excess. No need to smooth out the fingerprints, but I do so just because.
Using the blunt side of a toothpick, make cobblestone-esque impressions, starting from the outer rim going inward. For a fieldstone effect, just make the rocks bigger.
Use something flat and sturdy to cut deeper into the lines made in the previous step (I used a small flat screwdriver).
Using a rock, flatten the cobblestone/flagstone floor. You can go as hard or as light as you want, depending on how prominent you want the gaps to look. The rock’s natural roughness also provides texture.
Sculpting finished! Let sit to dry overnight then prime.
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