Youngbloods 2019

(Back) RJ Arcadio, Jan-Michael Suzon; (Front) Freidrich Lopez, Kim Navarro, Archie Chan, Carlo Bagapzee, Jeffrey Quiambao

When Neutral Grounds sparked off new life into Warmachine and Hordes in the Philippines with a massive sale, it was timed when Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition wasn’t as new and some rules bloat started to creep in again (from what I heard), a new wave of players jumped in, took advantage and were ready to throw down to greet the new year!

Photos (above) by Kim Navarro

Photos (above) RJ Arcadio

Photos (above) by Freidich Lopez

Thanks to The War Room for letting us use their venue for the tournament! Thanks to Fred Escalona for the ride. Thanks to Manu Rabaglia for assisting me with the setting up the tables.

Congratulations to the winners: Jeffrey Quiambao (1st Place, Cryx), Carlo Bagapzee (2nd Place, Legion of Everblight) and RJ Arcadio (3rd Place, Khador). Monumental effort by the other participants: Jan-Michael Suzon (Skorne), Freidrich Lopez (Khador) and Archie Chan (Khador). Jeffrey went to the extra effort of posting up battle reports of his matches. Watch out for it on a separate article.

To the veterans and friends who dropped by, played and showed support: Vic Villavicencio, Liam Razo, Jeriel Sawit, Arvin Tan, Karl Nualla, Patrick Chua, Gino Cobarrubias, SJ Quema, Chicco Quema, Steven Peabody, JM Fernandez, Jon Lansang, Erich von Lichnowsky, and Karl Manalo. If there was anyone I missed, sorry, I am an old PWG.

So until the next tournament, support the community by buying from (and playing at) your friendly local gaming stores!

Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!

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