WMH Warfare, Week 2

Vicvic Villavicencio wreaks havoc all across East Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2 with his Circle Orboros! Gino Cobarrubias’ Retribution of Scyrah and Manu Rabaglia’s Trollbloods continue to stand and challenge Vic’s Circle’s rampage.

Vic Villavicencio’s Circle Orboros, Aerol Bibat’s Cygnar and Manu Rabaglia’s Trollbloods stand in a deadlock at West Makati Marauders.

Jas Tolentino’s Convergence of Cyriss won over Jan-Michael Suzon’s Skorne challenged the influence of the Legion of Everblight over South Neutral Grounds Megamall.

Jeffrey Quiambao continues to solidify the hold of Cryx over North War Room, this time against Liam Razo’s Trollbloods and Glenn Gonzalvo’s Circle Orboros. After the dust cleared in the conclusion of a thee-force free-for-all, Cryx’s banner stood standing high in the horizon of North War Room.

View the Sheets file online here: https://docs.google.com/…/1ski5GjT2rGJW5LvAxF8q1uPfOs…/edit…

Boost all your attack and damage rolls as we track your factions’ game results on our Warfare Map!

Your faction gets +1 map point when you play a game at a venue. Agree with your opponent before or after the game whether it’s for east/west, north/south.
Your faction gets a cumulative +1 map point when you win said game.

Results will be tallied on a weekly basis. The faction with the highest map points “controls” said region. That just means the faction logo goes on the map. I’ll have an online Sheets file that is viewable by everyone for transparency of records.

East Neutral Grounds Glorietta 2
08 Circle Orboros 
02 Khador 
01 Convergence of Cyriss 
01 Retribution of Scyrah

North War Room
10 Cryx 
03 Circle Orboros 
03 Khador 
02 Skorne 
02 Trollbloods 
01 Cygnar 
01 Legion of Everblight

South Neutral Grounds Megamall
02 Convergence of Cyriss 
02 Legion of Everblight 
01 Skorne 
01 Trollbloods

West Makati Marauders
04 Circle Orboros 
04 Cygnar 
04 Trollbloods 
02 Convergence of Cyriss 
01 Minions

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