WMH Warfare, Week 1

Jeffrey Quiambao’s Cryx takes over both West NG Centris and North War Room; while Carlo Bagapzee holds East NG Centris steadfast for Legion of Everblight.

After the dust has cleared, with forces of the Protectorate of Menoth, Cygnar, Skorne, Circle Orboros, Legion of Everblight and Trollbloods answering the clarion call of war, it was Patrick Chua’s Khador who raised the banner of the Motherland over South War Room.

Further south, Vic Villavicencio’s Circle Orboros takes its roots in East Neutral Grounds G2; while the warring forces of Mercenaries of Steve McCallum and Manu Rabaglia hold sway over East Makati Marauders. Aerol Bibat and Marco Paderanga raise the Cygnar flag over West Makati Marauders, fighting off forces of Minions and Convergence.

View the Sheets file online here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ski5GjT2rGJW5LvAxF8q1uPfOsOpBwlj4E0uZgY7Uto/edit?usp=sharing

Boost all your attack and damage rolls as we track your factions’ game results on our Warfare Map!

  1. Your faction gets +1 map point when you play a game at a venue. Agree with your opponent before or after the game whether it’s for east/west, north/south.
  2. Your faction gets a cumulative +1 map point when you win said game.

Results will be tallied on a weekly basis. The faction with the highest map points “controls” said region. That just means the faction logo goes on the map. I’ll have an online Sheets file that is viewable by everyone for transparency of records.

List of regions (Week 1):

  • West Makati Marauders
  • East Makati Marauders
  • North Dragonforge
  • South Dragonforge
  • Gears And Games
  • Taven At The Crossroads
  • West Neutral Grounds Centris
  • East Neutral Grounds Centris
  • West Neutral Grounds G2
  • East Neutral Grounds G2
  • North Neutral Grounds Megamall
  • South Neutral Grounds Megamall
  • North War Room
  • South War Room

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