Neutral Ground Centris Skirmish Battles

Legion of Everblight (Carlo Bagapzee) vs Retribution of Scyrah (Mark Dayrit)
10PC; Neutral Grounds Centris (East)

Deployment for the two factions. Legion of Everblight had the warbeasts take the left flank while the swordsman took right. Retribution of Scyrah deployed the warjacks in the middle with the solos as support.

Legion moved into position, moving as close as possible to the flags, controlling one at the right flank with the Carnivean guarding the middle. Both Carnivean and Thagrosh casted Spiny Growth to brace for an attack. The Nephalim Bolt Thrower fired a powerful shot at the Retribution Chimera, and crippled its left arm system. Both Manticore and Aspis moved up to position to take the middle and left control points.

Legion of Everblight 0 – Retribution of Scyrah 0

Ravyn casted Veil of Mists in the middle to help the Aspis and Chimera contest the middle objective. The Manticore charged the Carnivean, but with the Spiny Growth up, it had its force field severely damaged. On the following trun, the Carnivean attacked the Manticore and destroyed it.
The light warjacks tried to kill the swordsmen, but with their high defense they only managed to kill one. Ravyn repositioned and killed another two swordsmen but they still managed to hold the objective. The swordsmen counter attacked and crippled much of the light warjacks‘ systems. Thagrosh charged the Chimera, destroying it.

Legion of Everblight 1 – Retribution of Scyrah 0

Retribution Ghost Snipers took shots at the Nephilim Bolt Thrower. With no warjacks left, the mage hunter attempted a final attack on the wounded Nephilim.

Retribution of Scyrah conceded, as they lack the bodies to regain board control.

Final: Legion of Everblight 2 – Retribution of Scyrah 0
Legion of Everblight victorious via tapout!

Legion of Everblight (Carlo Bagapzee) vs Cryx (Mike Monroe Yu)
25PC; Neutral Grounds Centris (East)

Legion of Everblight went first and advanced to attempt early board control. Typhon and the Nephilim Soldier took the middle and Swordsmen went on the right flank. 

Legion of Everblight 0 – Cryx 0

Bane Warriors moved up in line formation with several Deathrippers on the left and a Desolator and remaining Deathripper on the right. Venethrax camped at the back ready to fling his spells. Typhon moved up, sprayed three times with its three heads, and successfully killed three Bane Warriors.

With Countercharge active, the warjacks hastily killed the overconfident swordsmen on the left objective.

On the right flank , a Deathripper with the Bane Warriors attacked the Nephilim light warbeasts, crippled the Bolt Thrower and killed the Soldier. Bane Warriors and the remaining Deathripper attacked Typhon, and killed him. They make a rush towards Thagrosh, but the Legion warlock proved more than a match for them.

Legion of Everblight 0 – Cryx 1

Thagrosh used his feat this turn and brought back Typhon. With the Forsaken, he destroyed the Deathrippers and Bane Warriors. The exceptional Swordsmen not only killed the remaining Bane Warriors but also crippled the Desolator’s arms as it took a free strike. Venethrax moved up and attempted to kill the Swordsmen on the objective, but was unsuccessful.

Legion of Everblight 1 – Cryx 1

Typhon charged in, destroying both a Deathripper and the Desecrator. Afterwards, the Forsaken used Consume Fury to placate its stewing rage. Venethrax casted Deadweight on the Swordsmen nearest him to prevent a backstrike assassination. With his unnatural ease, the lich lord dismembered Typhon readily. The Forsaken moved in to attack the undead warcaster, but Venethrax shrugged it off. With no other option left, Thagrosh rushed at Venethrax but the lich lord seemed to meet the warlock’s Rapture evenly with his Wyrmbane. Although most of the Prophet’s attacks connected due to his sheer savagery, the arcane magic of the black Cryxian armor managed to fortify against the brunt of the flurry. With a deathly glee, the lich lord brings Thagrosh down!

Cryx victorious via warcaster/warlock assassination.

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