Cryx vs Convergence of Cyriss – Battle Report by Jeffrey Quiambao

Turn 1
Cryx Chix rush forward into Ambush position. CoC WC use Reconstruct on Big CoC and they make advances flanked with little CoCs.

Turn 2
Cryx channel spells vs Big CoC then reposition to score, using feat. Big CoC heals then the CoCs tighten up as they penetrate the Cryx position. Cryx score two points on two Rectangles.

Turn 3
Cryx channel spells vs Big CoC then the chix scatter in different directions. The CoC uses feat to get bigger. Big CoC catches one Cryx Chix and piledrives it off the table. CoC WC discharges its focus to overpower a Cryx Chix while the Little CoC block further scoring.

Turn 4
Cryx WC and 2 remaining Cryx chix go all in vs. The exposed and spent CoC WC and are able to assasinate it. Cryx 2-0 (Ass.Win)

Battle report by Jeffrey Quiambao.

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