Trollbloods vs Legion of Everblight – Battle Report by Liam Razo

Our deployment set up.

Objective was for infantry or solo on the two rectangles in the middle and flags at the end on both sides that can only be captured by warbeasts or warcasters.

Scoring was at the beginning of players’ turn.
Carlo Bagapzee’s Everblight force, which I have no idea what any of them does, but later on I find out they hit REAL HARD.
End of turn for me and middle of Carlos’ turn. I moved all my forces to get into position. Same goes with Carlos forces but he was a little hesitant to move his sword dudes after finding out Champs are battering tanks.
Carlo got so scared of Valk with all the special rules he had. He targeted him first and Val died. Well, first impression is always wrong so I’ll give him a benefit of a doubt this time.
After Valka’s terrible death, it was my turn next. I moved my guys near the objective, trying to clip as much objective as I can for next turn (technically, I haven’t scored here since it’s at the beginning of players turn that we score but at the end, it didn’t matter since it ended with assassination).
Of course, all of his dudes were in range to charge and take advantage to attack my dudes. Thankfully the kriel stone bearers manage to keep most of my guys take less damage from the armor buff of +2 and the elder giving all of them nearby +2 strength for that extra pain when it’s my turn to hit back.
Okay, so I forgot to take a pic of what really happened but let’s break it down.

1. Those swordsman dudes are hard as hell to hit with that ash buff thingy that gives them stupid high Def. Making my Champs hit like they have no eyes and got hit back in return (yes they dealt that much that I got to that point where all of them just had 1 health left).

2. The huge heavy warbeast flying snake dude (forgot his name) attempted an assassination on my warlock but it was not enough, leaving my warlock with 3 health he retreated cause of some buff (I think it was called Tactical Supremacy?) basically lets him move 3″ anywhere after attacking.
I forgot to mention that the succubus and the other snake female thing was annoying as hell.

Anyways with enough focus attacks, I killed the flying snake dude which leaves me with just one heavy to take care of, although it left my warlock exposed to assassination attempt. I had to play defensive now and kept as many fury I can just upkeeping the Pulverizer on the impaler.
Since I don’t know what his dudes do, it led to some horrific and brutal MURDER!

His remaining warbeast has Thresher and has this animus that makes me unable to make tough rolls😭massacring my stone bearers and hitting my warlock (thankfully having 5 fury left was the best choice).

Because of this, Carlo took a gamble and charged his warlock to mine hoping to kill it. But alas my warbeast took it all (that’s why my troll basher died, RIP) .
In final desperation, I cast the 4″ AOE knockdown on his warbeast to be able to hit the beast and warlock, knocking them both down!

My warlock smashes the enemy warlock dealing 6 damage.

My troll axer finishes his warcaster off, dealing blow after blow until it was dead!
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