Gears & Games WMH April 2018

Gears & Games WMH April 2018

GNG WMH April 2018 in the books! Congratulations to Louie Lucinio De Guzman for winning 1st place Champion in the tournament with his Cygnar force! Thanks to Mike Ang, Renato Jr Ubay and Timothee Cheng for hosting the tourney and having us at Gears & Games!

“And to those about to die! We salute you!”

– Louie de Guzman (Cygnar)
– Vic Villavicencio (Cryx)
– Kensei Yonzon (Cryx)
– SJ Quema (Trollbloods)
– Mike Taroy (Cygnar)
– Jon Lansang (Circle Orboros)
– Fred Escalona (Minions)
– Kim Navarro (Khador)

Shoutout to Chicco Quema, Brian Palma, Romy Estrella and Ian Pena who hung out at GNG and heckled away during the event.

For your Privateer Press miniatures and bling, cop your own from your friendly local gaming stores – Fortress, Gears & Games!

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