Night Goblins by Dexter Lacuanan

Night Goblins by Dexter Lacuanan

Greetings Fellow Travelers of the Old World!

I am glad to have finally finished this long overdue project of mine featuring a Privateer Press’ Hordes Trollblood Extreme Dire Troll Mauler and a couple of Games Workshop’s Oldhammer Night Goblins.

The idea behind the project:

Night Goblins are known for using indigenous wildlife as part of their armies such as the ubiquitous cave-dwelling squiggs so I imagined that it would not be too far off your typical Old World Warhammer lore for some ambitious and enterprising night goblin to raise and train a cave troll as a monster mount.

To further enhance the narrative, I also assembled and painted a Night Goblin “tormentor/ agitator” equipped with a gong/cymbal, who would make these infernal racket driving these noise-sensitive monsters to battle frenzy.

Fun, right? I miss the Old World!

Text and photos by Dexter Lacuanan

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