Budokai 2018

Budokai 2018

Today, I just had the privilege of hosting a unique Warmachine/Hordes event last Sunday, March 4, 2018 at the Languages Internationale building, where the proceeds will go to a very special charity for Mayon evacuees. Shout out to Rayray Raymz, Erich von Lichnowsky and the rest of the Gaming For Goodness crew and Makati Marauders for allowing me and the rest of the Warmachine/Hordes Budokai 2018 players to be a part of this awesome endeavor.

Congratulations to Carlos Augusto Murillo Torres, Champion of Budokai 2018 with his Khador! A heartfelt thanks to all those who joined – Jam Ibanez who, despite being sleep-deprived and hung over, still threw down with us and got 2nd place; Vicvic Villavicencio, too bad about that emergency call, but we appreciate you literally running over just to join; Steve McCallum and Gerard Sarmenta who I strong-armed into joining the gig at the last minute; old buddies who re-emerged from time off of gaming but were down to throwdown – Lucinio De Guzman, Gelo Adr, Freidrich Lopez, Lesther Calina and of course to the OG WMH blokes who are still riding this long ride with me – Fred Escalona, Mike Taroy, Jonathan Lansang and Aerol Bibat – you guys made Budokai 2018 the great event that it was!

I didn’t get take enough pics, but I’ll add more to this album when I collect some from the other guys who took pics of the gig!

It’s a nice feeling where you know you’re helping some people out even if it’s as small as spending an afternoon with old and new friends and playing pretend war with toy soldiers.

Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!

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