Supreme Kommandant Irusk x The Butcher of Khardov

Supreme Kommandant Irusk x The Butcher of Khardov

My old buddies, Freidrich Lopez and Kei Valentin, decided to take the drive all the way down to the south and throw down on my Khador table! Kei got lazy and didn’t bring his Cygnar, but was awesome to bring me some Jollibee. Since I had to get to eat a late breakfast/lunch, Kei decided to use my 75PC Jaws Of The Wolf Butcher1 list instead.

It was Freid’s first time to use Irusk2, so after a few hours of a 1v1 game, Kei got the W with a Butcher1 Blood Frenzy charge caster kill! On the flip side, I think I inundated Freidrich with gameplay overload on how to Khador. Hopefully, he gets to apply whatever he caught in his future games.

I also decided to give Freidrich the Irusk2 as a birthday present, so he took it home with him (I already have an Irusk2). He also wanted to buy off one of my Destroyers.

I got to take a few pics:

If you want to cop your own Warhammer and Hordes minis and bling, go get them from your local gaming stores – Fortress, Gears & Games, The Dragonforge, Arcanopolis and select branches of Neutral Grounds!

Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!

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