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Battlebox Brawl – Episode One

We have made history last Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Makati Marauders! Ten new Warmachine/Hordes players from three different gaming crews showed up and threw down their hardest in Episode One of WMH Philippines’ Battlebox Brawls!

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Grey Knights in the Dark Imperium

I’ve finally decided to build Grey Knights with my serious effort to play Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition.

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I got to play my first game of Infinity last night at Makati Marauders. I got to face off against Gino Cobbarubias’ (PhearTheHam) Nomads, and with two very crucial and very lucky critical rolls, I got a W on my first game!

Check out my Strikezone Wotan here:

Raf Plays Guild Ball

Raf Javier gets his feet wet with Guild Ball gaming, taking on JR Roxas’ Hunters’ Guild and Kim Navarro’s Union. We took Raf through the ringer and it turns out, he’s a natural at Guild Ball! Will look forward to play against his teams in the league.

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Tarukan Cup 2017

Gino Cobarrubias and I got to chat a few days back. We were discussing about how people like to do a lot of big talk about relevant social and/or political issues on Facebook, but very rarely do anything actually substantial to help with the situation. The discussion went to helping out or donating to some sort of charity as something better than hot air on social media. That is where Gino mentioned that his dad does help with a charity, the rehabilitation of a displaced indigenous tribe – the people of Tarukan.

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