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I got to play my first game of Infinity last night at Makati Marauders. I got to face off against Gino Cobbarubias’ (PhearTheHam) Nomads, and with two very crucial and very lucky critical rolls, I got a W on my first game!

Check out my Strikezone Wotan here:

Raf Plays Guild Ball

Raf Javier gets his feet wet with Guild Ball gaming, taking on JR Roxas’ Hunters’ Guild and Kim Navarro’s Union. We took Raf through the ringer and it turns out, he’s a natural at Guild Ball! Will look forward to play against his teams in the league.

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Sylvaneth vs Daemons of Chaos

Battle report by Sunny Yu.

Fun game, 1 vs 1. Border War scenario at 1,500 points. Jason Obal’s Chaos vs my Sylvaneth.

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Kings Of War – Ogres vs Khador (Kingdom of Men)

If a game written by the great Alessio Cavatore allows me to play with my miniatures in old school regimental warfare, count me all in yo! Here’s how some brutal Ogres take the battlefield against forces of the Motherland!

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Age Of Sigmar at Neutral Grounds Centris

Round 1

  • Patrick Chua’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) victorious over Bobby Pedeglorio’s Stormcast Eternals (Order)
  • Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos) victorious over RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Deathlords (Death)
  • Glenn Gonzalvo’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious over Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order)
  • Tiny David’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) get a bye

Round 2

  • Patrick Chua’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) victorious over Glenn Gonzalvo’s Skaven (Chaos)
  • Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos) victorious over Tiny David’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos)
  • Bobby Pedeglorio’s Stormcast Eternals (Order) victorious over RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Deathlords (Death)
  • Athan Pabalinas’ Daemons of Khorne (Chaos) victorious over Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order)

Round 3

  • Patrick Chua’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos) victorious over Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers (Chaos)
  • Glenn Gonzalvo’s Skaven (Chaos) victorious over Tiny David’s Slaves to Darkness (Chaos)
  • Bobby Pedeglorio’s Stormcast Eternals (Order) victorious over Athan Pabalinas’ Daemons of Khorne (Chaos)
  • RJ Macalintal Llagas’ Deathlords (Death) victorious over Jas Tolentino’s High Aelves (Order)

Photos by Francis “Kiko” Jopillo

Allies vs Axis Mega Match!

Posted by Dax Maliwat on the Dust Philippines Facebook group page.

Battle Report!

We had a 2 vs 2 mega match last Saturday at Neutral Grounds Cash And Carry. Each team used 250 points! I ran my Allied Heavy Rangers army supported by a Medium Walker Platoon and teamed up with papa Richard’s Axis army headed by Lara’s Command Platoon supported by the Bloody Baron piloting a Blitz aircraft.

On the other side of the table we faced papa Marc and papa Jake’s Allies army. They brought heavy hitters for this match, fielding two Six Shooters, a Bulldog, 2 Pelican Flyers, a boatload of Rangers, and Action Jackson’s Airdrop Platoon.

We used the new rulebook scenario where we were supposed to control 2 objective from opposite sides of the field.

Early game
The Allied opponents came in hard and fast. The two Pelicans swooped in and took out most of my Heavy Ranger units. Good thing the Airdrop Platoon elements mainly missed their rolls which allowed us to wipe them out upon entry.

By this time, both armies are trying to position their units to avoid enemy fire. This is where Bloody Baron’s piloting skills earned him the match MVP. He was able to take out several units while evading ALL incoming enemy fire.

Late game
Both teams took heavy losses at this time. My Allies army is almost wiped out and the Baron was finally gunned down. We were able to take out some enemy units until the game ended with neither team completed the objective. After computing kill points, the Allies team won due to more kills.

One thing I forgot to do was take more pictures! We were so hooked in the match I only took a few pictures. Still a great match though. Epic game, boys!

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Liam Razo’s Nurgle Rotbringers

Originally posted by Liam Razo on Age Of Sigmar Philippines.

Alrighty! So credits for the photos go to sir Kiko. I’ll be summarizing my experience in facing against 3 opponents with some nasty combos (well, at least in my head they were) and some of the difficulties I had facing against all three. I would like to thank all of my opponents as it was a fun learning experience for me; and especially the new General’s Handbook as it was an eye opener specifically at the scenarios.

So the list I brought was not something I expected to win with as I have played it against players like Sir Jas, Sir Athan, Sir Mike, Sir RJ, Sir Glenn (which we all play in Mega mall) and Sir Sunny, but am pretty sure most of you guys have seen it via pictures.

Glottkin 480pts – General of my Army
Plague Lord 100pts – Just an extra tough guy that doesn’t really do much honestly
5x Putrid Blightkings 180pts – Battalion for Rottbringers
5x Putrid Blightkings 180pts – Battalion for Rottbringers

Few model counts but tough to crack.

First one was against Sir RJ and his army of Death, with Neferata, Mortrarch of Blood, leading the force with her guards of Morgheist (scary units).

The scenario was the 5th on the GHB, which sadly I forgot the name of the scenario, but it’s basically diagonal deployment with 3 objectives. Any unit can get the objective so long as they’re in 6″ (or was it 3″?). Either way it was simple, but the worst was we had to divide our army in to 3 parts and field the first batch that’s the battalion. It was funny because both me and RJ have low model counts so we both deployed just 1 unit.

Sadly, at the end of it all, Sir RJ didn’t know that you had to declare reserve points for you to be able to summon any creature on the table, so Neferata couldn’t summon her other Morgheist that were in reserve.

Finale ended with the Glottkin killing her and some of her guards that came in on the 3rd turn, gaining me a big advantage at the later stages of the game. That’s 1 Major victory for me there.

It would have killed me most likely had the scenario been different but overall awesome game and we finish ours first to the point we got a 2nd game. Thanks, Sir RJ.

So 2nd round! Here we go!

I faced against Sir Tiny. At first glance I was very scared with his list. I didn’t know what the Daemon Prince Belakor can do, nor the other Daemon Prince with the Mark of Slaanesh. It was no surprise that he popped Belakor’s “Friendship is Magic” on me and declares that everytime my Putrid Blightkings (yes he picked one) moves, or does anything I have to roll a D6. 1-3 I can continue but on 4-6 they suddenly become friends and cannot do ANYTHING! SWEET MOTHER OF NURGLE ALKSJHSKHDS!

So the scenario in this one, it’s 3 objectives in the middle, but only heroes can capture it and it cannot be contested until the first hero that approach the objective dies. I was sweating at this point cause I only had 2 heroes while Sir Tiny had 4! I had to focus on killing his 2 heroes at the very least and had my Plague Lord hold that 2nd objective.

In the end, I scored more victory points because Sir Tiny didn’t realize it until much later that the objective markers cannot be contested unless the hero is killed.

It was a major victory for me then but it was a close one!! Thank you, Sir Tiny. I learned a lot, especially with all the Friendship going on on the field.

And of course the Finals is up in the grill.

Sir Patrick’s list, I already know from the get go as I’ve seen his amazing paint jobs on it being posted here. But the actual devastating effect I was not prepared for.

My Glottkin literally got STOMPED!! (no pun intended)

Scenario was pretty much simple, you defend your objective on your border with at least 5 models, I defend mine. If you capture the enemy’s objective and you keep yours then its a major victory if not then its just a minor victory.

Its not in the picture I know but after 2 battles the 3 brothers couldn’t handle the sustain damage and has DIED!!! My only way out of this situation and in order for him NOT to get the major victory was for me to kill his knights and it was the only thing I had on my mind because that 2+ armor save re-rollable daemon prince of his ain’t gonna be off the table anytime soon.

I did however manage to kill his Lord on Manticore with my Putrid Blightkings. It was probably the most brutal thing they have ever done as a unit, 32 wounds ain’t something to scoff at even with his reroll armor saves of 1 it wasn’t enough and they manage to kill him.

Either way it was an epic clash for a finale and Thank you, Sir Patrick! I originally had some bad view on the knights but at this point I am at a loss for words.

Photos by Francis “Kiko” Jopillo.

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Skaven vs Sylvaneth/Wanderers

Originally posted by Sunny Yu on Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar Philippines Facebook group page.

Happening now at MEGAMALL NG – Jas Tolentino’s Skaven vs Sunny Yu’s Wanderers/Sylvaneth at 1000 GW points. We rolled the Take and Hold Scenario of the Pitched Battle matched play setting.

Elves go first and move forward.

Started to take out the Skaven shooting, and took out one Warpfire Thrower.

Skaven turn, the whole hoard moves forward. The two war machines fail to hit. Jas forgot that if the target has 10 models or more, you have +1 to hit and do 2d6 damage.

A unit of Clanrats reaches the Kurnoth Hunters and battle begins! The Kurnoth Hunters proved to be more than the Clanrats can handle!

Jas gets consecutive turns on turn 2, winning all initiative rolls. The war machines started connecting this time, dealing 2d6 wounds with each of their shots (ouch!).

And here they come! Forty Stormvermins! His Hero plants his banner, making akll units immune to Bravery checks, and rerolling all 1’s to hit as well.


Fighting was fierce as the Stormvermins were able to extend to reach the Waywatchers. The Warderer unit, including the Warhawk Rider, got dispatched by their Skaven attackers!

Bottom of the second turn, clearly the Kurnoth Hunters needed help, so the Eternal Guard and Branchwych move forward.

Disaster strikes as not only do the Eternal Guard fail to assault, but the Branchwych also has been failing to cast her spells in the last two turns. The Stormvermin rend  at the Branchwych! That turn hurt…

Turn 3, Jas’ war machines continue to wreak havoc, killing 7 archers and 5 Eternal Guard. Needing 2+ to hit and 3+ to wound and rolling 2d6 wounds, the Skaven were decimating the Wanderers!

But the Kurnoth Hunters, now less than half strength, were able to wipe out the last of the Stormvermins. Together with the remaining Eternal Guard start to make for the Skaven objectives, killing the remainign Warpfire Thrower in the process.

The last few turns see more fighting at the Skaven objective. But the toll on fighters bring down both forces to less than five models, thus neither can claim the objective.

At the conclusion of the match, the Skaven force managed to score 540 to the Wanderers/Sylvaneth’s 440, making it a minor victory for the Grand Alliance of Chaos!

Post Battle

Wow! Those war machines, 40 Stormvermin and the boost to abilities by the banner was used very well by Jas to eke out a minor victory. In hindsight, the assault of the Branchwych was a bad gamble which took out the much needed shield for the Kurnoth Hunters. The Kurnoth Hunters were great, being able to survive the vermin onslaught. Six models seem optimal for a 1000 pt list. Also didn’t have a counter to the Skaven war machines which proved costly. Still well played by Jas today, using the different elements to his advantage. Cheers and congrats on the win!

Great game as always, Sir Sunny. I have great respect on those Kurnoth (kunat) Hunters. Imagine if you had them buffed on those saves, it’ll be much difficult for the Stormvermin taking them down. The mix of Sylvaneth and Wanderers is still a good combination IMO. And love the cool colors again, btw. A sage painter once said that light colors keeps you calm and relaxed while playing. Hehe.
– Jas Tolentino

Age Of Sigmar Philippines 2016

The Skaven victory entrenches the hold of the Grand Alliance of Chaos on NG Megamall. Click here to check out the Google Sheets file here.

Photos by Sunny Yu.

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Wanderers/Sylvaneth vs Stormcast Eternals

Fun 1000-point GW Comp game vs Mike’s Stormcast Eternals.

Basically tried out the 620-point Aralielle in this low-point setting. On one hand, Aralielle is a beast, but at 1000 poins, it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. Still, it would be nice to see if she can get her points back.

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Battle Of Grey Grove

In the ruins of an ancient city, long forgotten since the time of the old world. Otto and his army moved through the city to perform a ritual to spread disease and pestilence upon the land. While it is an abandoned place, it was still considered sacred to the wood elves and treekin alike and they acted fast to repel the invaders, with the help of the Stormcast Eternals they tried to drive the chaos back.

Otto with a handful of his personal bodyguard Blightkings, Der Uberglotts, ready to take on the might of the Stormcast Eternals.

Leading the force of the Stormcast Eternal, is the Frost-Draco Knights of Azure with a handful of Judicators and heroes to bolster moral.

While Otto is weary of accepting aid from the vile and cunning (and traitorous) Ratmen, he gave them a second chance. They deployed their hideous of beasts at the Wood Elves and try to distract them long enough for the Otto to do his work.

While the Wood Elves mustered an incredible force to hold the area and even manage to summon an Ancient Treeman to help in the defence.

They move with haste to rain down arrows upon the beasts.

The knights moved forward without fear, readying their Draco’s to charge at Otto’s bodyguards. The Retributors steady their aim and concentrate on the vile Blight Kings to dwindle their numbers.

While many of Otto’s bodyguards fall a handful remain, more than enough to keep them preoccupied as his brother Ethrac begins the ritual.

As the battle rages on most of the initial wave of Wood Elves got annihilated by sheer firepower and the unleashing of a grotesque and malformed rat beast.

The Grotesque Rat beast, was challenged by an Ancient Treeman and he was a lot stronger than his instincts thought.

With the downed Rat beast the Wood Elves revived some of the downed kin and begins mustering forces to defend their sacred grounds.

While the Valiant Knights of Azure did their best to halt Otto and his brothers from completing the Ritual they underestimated the behemoth that they faced. With a tide of puss and the swinging of his massive hulk form, Ghurk was too much for any of the combined forces of the Wood Elves and Stormcast Eternals. A handful of Stormcast soldiers remained and the Wood Elves got annihilated, sensing their inevitable defeat they retreated. Otto laughs at the sight, and praises Nurgle for the glorious victory they have won this day.

Text and photos by Liam Razo.

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