Sustained Attack 2019

We end the year smashing make-believe brittle forests and waging pretend war on the tables of Gears & Games with Sustained Attack 2019!

Bow down and pay homage to your champions of this special year-ender tournament:

  • 1st place: Joaquin “SJ” Quema, Trollbloods
  • 2nd place, Artisan: Zach “Kensei” Yonzon, Infernals
  • 3rd place: Archie Chan, Khador
  • Dick Sy, Skorne
  • Diplomat: Jonathan Lansang, Grymkin
  • Christian Castillo, Khador
  • Jan-Michael Suzon, Skorne
  • Jake Emmanuel de Jesus, Cygnar

Special thanks to Gears & Games, Mike “Mang” Ang, Renato Jr “Jun” Ubay and Timothee “Tim” Cheng for the venue, prize, raffle and solid support for WMH Philippines! Shout out to the homies who dropped by and cheered for all the participants – Fred Escalona, Juan Francisco “Chicco” C. Quema, Mike Taroy, Johnmarc “JM” Fernandez.

Here’s to more honorable ass-kicking and glorious WMH gaming in 2020!