Week 52

WMH Warfare Map and Ranking, Week 52

Sheets files are here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vOSovinb94KSvyBwCTMyY43O6CTIXd3a9VTj4FIUyNk/edit?usp=sharing

Class A (1301 to 1500)

Class B (1001 to 1300)

  • 1213 – Vicvic Villavicencio (up from 1166)
  • 1191 – SJ Quema (up from 1161)
  • 1108 – Archie Chan (up from 1093)
  • 1090 – Manu Rabaglia (down from 1091)
  • 1071 – Ian Ronneil “Kim” Navarro (down from 1081)
  • 1062 – Benson Sy
  • 1054 – Zach “Kensei” Yonzon (up from 1022)
  • 1041 – Mike Taroy (down from 1055)
  • 1033 – Marc Montalbo (up from 1000)
  • 1031 – Steve McCallum (up from 1000)
  • 1017 – Jan-Michael Suzon (up from 1000)
  • 1015 – Jeriel Sawit1013 – Dick Sy (down from 1015)
  • 1011 – Jonhmarc “JM” Fernandez

Class C (701 to 1000)

  • 0989 – Jam Ibanez (down from 1000)
  • 0988 – Mychall Montalbo (down from 1000)
  • 0981 – Karlo Piscano (decay from 1021)
  • 0981 – Huabin Chua (down from 0997)
  • 0977 – Jay Estaris (decay from 1017)
  • 0976 – Joel Tiongson (decay from 1016)
  • 0974 – Christian “Kei” Valentin (decay from 1014)
  • 0972 – Liam Razo (decay from 1012)
  • 0970 – Patrick Chua (decay from 1000)
  • 0968 – Jocs Malacaman (decay from 0998)
  • 0967 – Aerol Bibat (decay from 1007)
  • 0955 – Harold Soon (decay from 0985)
  • 0955 – Archivald Eric “Archie” Ramos (decay from 0985)
  • 0953 – Jake de Jesus (down from 1000)
  • 0952 – Gino Miguel Benjamin (decay from 0982)
  • 0951 – Carlo Bagapzee (decay from 0981)
  • 0950 – Louie Yazon (decay from 0980)
  • 0948 – Christian Castillo (down from 0952)
  • 0943 – Freidrich Lopez (decay from 0973)
  • 0935 – Erich Lichnock (decay from 0965)
  • 0934 – Fred Lopez (down from 0945)
  • 0928 – Sani Benolirao (down from 0985)
  • 0923 – Fred Escalona (down from 0936)
  • 0919 – Jonathan Lansang (up from 0892)
  • 0928 – Joyce Sy Tan (decay from 0958)
  • 0925 – Lesther Calina (decay from 0955)
  • 0914 – Gino Cobarrubias (decay from 0944)
  • 0904 – Badj Mercado (down from 0949)
  • 0882 – RJ Arcadio (decay from 0912)

Class D (401 to 700)

It is the tail end of the year and the winds turn cold, but it is no reason for the warfare to cease nor slow down.

Skorne forces led by Tyrant Jam Ibanez and Tyrant Sani Benolirao have successfully blockaded Comic Odyssey BGC from further incursions. While Khadoran forces led by Kommander Ian Ronneil “Kim” Navarro have been seen in regions outside CO BGC, Grymkin led by Jonathan Lansang the Defiler has been seen haunting Fully Booked borders.

The Khador fortress at Arcanopolis is under siege! Kommander Fred Lopez is defending multiple fronts against separate assaults from Cygnar led by Commander Marc Montalbo, Circle Orboros led by Benson Sy the Ravenous, Cryx led by Iron Lich Mychall Montalbo and Retribution of Scyrah led by Dawnlord Huabin Chua. How long will the walls of Khador stand in Bacolod?

Despite spreading their assault forces thin across many regions, Kommander Kim Navarro successfully broke the deadlock at NG ATC against Bloody Fred Escalona‘s Minions. Khadoran railworks has been seen hastily established to further fortify the Motherland’s hold over the region. Will it be seen as a threat by other factions or is it another Khadoran ruse?

General Steve McCallum has been successful in the construction of a new Mercenary stronghold in Makati Marauders. He was successful in repelling a splinter force of Minions led by Bloody Fred Escalona and a Khadoran expeditionary team led by Kommander Kim Navarro. Will this signify the escalation of warfare in Makati Marauders once again?

As the roads and tracks became more treacherous, all active forces converged on the centrally-located region of Gears & Games, which became the pivotal stage of two large operations or warfare.

Operation Boundless Charge brought Kommander Archie Chan into direct conflict with a good number of invaders. Some Minions clashed at some parts of the region led by Bloody Fred Barnabas, and a joint contingent at two different points from Cygnar led by Captain Badj Mercado and Captain Mike Taroy proved more than just troublesome. But it was the two-pronged Circle Orboros assault led by Vicvic Villavicencio the Unseen and Manu Rabaglia the Wildborne dealt significant damage to the supply routes and south and east walls of GNG.

Sensing another incoming theater of war, Kommander Archie Chan requested reinforcements and was heeded by Kommander Christian Castillo. Winter rampaged all across the region as Operation Sustained Attack commenced, but twin forces of Skorne led by Tyrant Dick Sy and Tyrant Jan-Michael Suzon wreaked havoc against all of the other factions at GNG, including a Minion Congregation led by Bloody Fred Escalona, a Grymkin bump led by Jon Lansang the Defiler, and a Cygnaran spearhead led by Captain Jake Emmanuel de Jesus. But two forces have successfully broken through the chokehold of Khador in the region: Fortified huts of a band of Trollblood heroes have taken a solid foothold led by Chieftain Joaquin “SJ” Quema, And a black gate has been seen across the horizon erected by Zach “Kensei” Yonzon the Fallen. The banners of the Motherland are now under grave threat from many opposing forces and from all directions!

Players are encouraged to submit their game results to pinoywargamer@gmail.com with the title Game Results. I’ll just update when I can. Please include the following details:

  • Date of game
  • Your name
  • Your faction
  • Opponent name
  • Opponent faction
  • Game result
  • Venue name

At the end of the day, map tracking game results are just another facet of our hobby and will hold the same level of importance as competitive gaming (player ranking), painting/hobbycraft, helping the new players and cooperating towards a stronger and more harmonious community.

If you want a shot at the metal-mangling and bone-crushing action, purchase your Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes miniatures from our local gaming stores: Gears N’ Games, Fortress, The Dragonforge, Arcanopolis and select branches of Neutral Grounds!

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Sustained Attack 2019

We end the year smashing make-believe brittle forests and waging pretend war on the tables of Gears & Games with Sustained Attack 2019!

Bow down and pay homage to your champions of this special year-ender tournament:

  • 1st place: Joaquin “SJ” Quema, Trollbloods
  • 2nd place, Artisan: Zach “Kensei” Yonzon, Infernals
  • 3rd place: Archie Chan, Khador
  • Dick Sy, Skorne
  • Diplomat: Jonathan Lansang, Grymkin
  • Christian Castillo, Khador
  • Jan-Michael Suzon, Skorne
  • Jake Emmanuel de Jesus, Cygnar

Special thanks to Gears & Games, Mike “Mang” Ang, Renato Jr “Jun” Ubay and Timothee “Tim” Cheng for the venue, prize, raffle and solid support for WMH Philippines! Shout out to the homies who dropped by and cheered for all the participants – Fred Escalona, Juan Francisco “Chicco” C. Quema, Mike Taroy, Johnmarc “JM” Fernandez.

Here’s to more honorable ass-kicking and glorious WMH gaming in 2020!

Boundless Charge 2019

Bow down and pay homage to your champions of Boundless Charge 2019:

  • 1st Place: Vicvic Villavicencio, Circle Orboros
  • 2nd Place: Manu Rabaglia, Circle Orboros
  • 3rd Place: Archie Chan, Khador
  • Mike Taroy, Cygnar
  • Fred Escalona, Minions
  • Badj Mercado, Cygnar

Special thanks to Gears & Games, Mike “Mang” Ang, Renato Jr “Jun” Ubay and Timothee “Tim” Cheng for the venue, prize, raffle and solid support for WMH Philippines!

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