Fifteen Years

Today, October 26, 2019, we celebrate FIFTEEN black-eyed, bloody-nosed, broken-boned, battered-backed YEARS of WARMACHINE and HORDES in the PHILIPPINES!

Sounding the horns for all our October birthday participants, as well as celebrating the bountiful harvest Halloween vibe, we indulge in good food and good drink, and throw down with the latest version of The Longest Night!

Special thanks to Zach Yonzon for sponsoring the posh and convenient venue. And to Mike Ang and Gears N’ Games/Fortress for letting us borrow some tables to play on. EVERYONE brought something and contributed to a very, very successful bountiful harvest potluck! We had some good chili, pandesal, pancit malabon, KFC chicken and nuggets, spaghetti, crinkles, Yellow Cab pizza and a myriad of soda and iced tea!

Here is to fifteen years of metal mangling and bloody carnage! And to fifteen upon fifteen upon fifteen more to come in WMH PHILIPPINES! Kick ass with honor! Game with glory!