Space Wolves vs Astra Militarum

Battle Report by Daniel Hans Tan

Space wolves (Je) vs Imperial Guard (Hans)

Pre game: Ratlings find their best spot on a decript house on the far left flank. One Sentinel moves up to the house in the center, second one takes cover on the right flank.

Roll off results in IG rolling a 6 and SW rolling a 4+1. SW fail to seize the initiative. With a yeehaw IG turn 1 starts.


IG: One squad of guardsmen move up to join the sentinel on the right flank. This squad has orders to secure the SW’s priority objective. Another squad moves up on the left moving close to the house the ratlings secured. Hellhound moves up on the right side of the center building.

Astropath speaks his mantra and wishes he had eyes but nevertheless casts psychic barrier on the most forward Leman russ conqueror, the St. Martin.

All company commanders and one platoon commander bark orders at their men, mortar teams zero in their aim, most squad are told to hold and wait while the squads moving up on the flanks receive the order to run like mad lads forward. “We’ll keep you covered” the commanders said. Yeah right. The Cadian symphony starts with one mortar squad acting as live range finders, hitting a valhallan squad on the opposite side with accuracy enough to make them feel tru misery. Even then, due to thick cover, it took three mortar squads, one heavy mortar carrier and a basilisk to shrink the team down to one sobbing man who at this point prob has tinnitus. The tank commander on The Taiga yells at his gunner to “LOAD! FIRE WHEN READY!” as the muzzle of his special cannon (Hammer of sunderance) is trained on a unit of Long fangs on wall in the distance. The hit lands, shakes their jimmies and turns 2 of the five long fangs into a fine mist. Another Russ, Lucky, shoots from the left side taking a cue from his commander and turns another 2 Long fangs into sloppy joe.

Je would turn the last Long fang into a character via Lone Wolf. The last Valhallan with tinnitus ran off the field, to find valhalla another day.

SW: The Stormwolf carrying two squads of grey hunters guns its engines and moves from the left to the right flank of the board, readying its weapons on the squad of guardsmen moving up on that side. 2 squad of valhallans move up into cover behind and near the razorback. Longfangs disembark from the razorback, training their heavy weapons on the hellhound in front of them. Land speeder peaks round a wall to threaten the cadian squad on the left flank.

Stormwolf shoot all its bolters at the the cadian squad near it. Quick thinking tells the squad to leap on to their bellies and take cover. 2 guardsmen bite lead. Hellfrost cannons and lascannons beam into the sentinel on the right flank from the Stormwolf and instantly reduced it to a pile of scrap. Long fangs sent the hellhound back to the depths of its crusader case with one shot of lascannon and two missile. Didn’t explode though. The lone long fang shoots its lascannon at the sentinel in the center building giving it two wounds. Storm bolters let rip towards the ratlings in the decrypt buidling on the left and assault cannons buzz on the cadian squad moving to support them. 1 ratling goes down and the cadian squad takes 5 casualties. Land speeder opens up its twin heavy bolters on the same cadian squad on the left and 3 more bite the dust (Pic 9). And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust Hey, I’m gonna get you, too Another one bites the dust YEAH!!!


IG: One cadian squad from the center ranks moves up closer to the center building. The St.Martin moves in to lay fire on the stormwolf with the Russ exectutioner, The MeiHua, not far behind. The Taiga moves and readies its aim at the Stormwolf. The cadian squad on the right numbering some 8 men left keep moving up as per orders to secure the priority objective. Cadians squad on left flank finally get to the ratlings with only two Insanely Brave men left.

Astropath casts psychic barrier on The St. Martin again.

Cadian squad on the right flank receive orders to “surround the stormwolf on the ground”. After a harsh words from the commander about questioning orders, the squad do as told. They still didnt know why. The Meihua, The St. Martin and The Taiga lay everything they have on the stormwolf and sure enough it pops in the sky and the two units of grey hunters turn to dust as they spill forth from the wrecked hull of the Stormwolf. The cadian squad on the right are left baffled as to what happened.

“Sarge, what just happened? Did you see that? They turned to dust.” “I don’t know trooper but whatever in the name of the Emperor happened, it just shows the commander knows what the gak he’s doing.”

Stormwolf and two units of grey hunters are gone and off the field but not before they took down two more cadians in the explosion. Lucky scores a solid hit on the razorback taking cover near the center building, it takes 6 wounds. The Cadian Symphony begins again and shells another vallhalan squad holding an objective. And again only one Insanely Brave man left with tinnitus because ONE MORTAR TEAM TANKED 6 WOUNDS. The last sentinel opens fire with its Plasma cannons in concert with the two man cadian squad on the left flank dealing 4 wounds to the Land speeder. Ratlings try to snipe the lone long fang but fail owing to cover.

SW: One Valahllan squad moves in range to finish off the ratlings on the left. Another squad moves to bear their lasguns on the cadian squad on the left. 2 wolf lords in termi armor and a wolf guard in termi armor arrive from their teleportarium. Wulfen also arrive from the right flank from their little hunt. The heavy melee units arrive to add gas to the flames of war.

Valhallan squads open fire on their targets, the ratlings are all but gone. Cadian squad on the right die to the man (Pic 10). Lone long fang shoots and scores a direct hit on the last sentinel in cover only for it to save on a 6+. Long Fangs shoots at the St.Martin but most shots either miss or bounce off the hard armor.

On to the meaty part of the SW turn. CHARGE PHASE! Two of the wolf lords in termi armor declare a charge on The St.Martin. Even with rerolls only one makes into melee and even so just barely. Wolf guard in termi declares a charge on the mortar team and basilisk as he arrives from the right corner and fails his charge. Wulfen declare a charge agains a squad of cadians, eats one wound from overwatch and even with rerolls, fails the 10” charge. Even with when his friends couldn’t join the scrap the wolf lord wails on The St.Martin producing 3 hits and only 1 wounding and was saved on a 5+.


IG: The St.Martin quickly backs away from the wolf lord. Cadian squad in the corner confront the wolf guard in a line formation. Cadian squad in center move up to bear their lasguns on the wulfen. The Taiga moves closer to yelling range of The St.Martin and The MeiHua. Lucky moves backward to get a shooting view of the wolf guard.

The Cadian symphony focuses its wrath on the wulfen bringing their numbers down to 2 wulfen left with 1 of them wounded. The Meihua lets loose all weapons on the wolf lord closest to it, the wolf lord dies in a hail of plasma. The Taiga fires its main cannon at the wulfen finally doing the unit and eliminating them as a threat. All The Taiga’s heavy bolters fire at the wolf guard in the corner dealing 1 wound. 2 cadian squads lay down a fusilade of las fire on the wolf guard in the corner and cause 3 more wounds. At this point those who were late to the party weren’t quite welcome to join. The last sentinel getting tired of seeing that Land speeder fires its plasma cannons and brings it back down to the ground.

SW: Last wolf lord in termi moves forward to avenge his comrades. Wolf guard moves closer and intends to not miss his charge. Last unit of grey hunters arrives on the right flank, they see the broken bodies of their wulfen comrades and vow to exact tenfold the casualties.

Lone Long fang takes down the last sentinel with a well place lascannon shot, this time cover could not save the last sentinel.

Last wolf lord attempts to charge both The St.Martin and The MeiHua. Both fire accurate overwatch and bring down the last wolf lord before he could even touch them. The wolf guard makes into combat against a mortar squad and a cadian squad but not before sustaining one wound from las fire.

The wolf guard murders one entire mortar squad. The cadian squad fails to damage him.


IG: The cadians squad in combat with the wolf lord fall back, accompanying company commander stands behind his line of men ready to give the order to shoot. St. Martin moves and takes cover behind the center building. Lucky moves up to get a view and attempt to shoot at the razorback. Another cadian squad moves up the left flank. Cadian squad at the center move up to aim at the grey hunters.

Company commanders shout at the top of their lungs to relay orders over the noise of the Cadian Symphony. The cadian squad on the left flank move up and take cover behind the left decrypt building. Mortars and a heavy mortar batter down a valhallan squad only for it to result in 2 casualties. The St.Martin brings its weapons to bear on the last long fangs unit taking down 4 of them, a basilisk finishes off the last man. The MeiHua shoots at the grey hunters squad and produces 3 casualties. Lucky shoots and scores against the razorback as it finally stops functioning. The wolf guard slumps into the grass as 2 cadian squads keep up their fire. The cadian squad in the center takes down 1 grey hunter with only 1 grey hunter left standing.

Je elects the last grey hunter to become a lone wolf.

SW: Valhallan squad retreat back to their objectives. Lone grey hunter moves in to kill and getting ready to charge.

Lone grey hunter charges and kills 2 cadians.

BATTLES ENDS AS THE SHOP HAS TO CLOSE. Points tallied sums up to 23 vs 15 in favor of imperial guard.

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All battle reports and game results welcome.

Photos by Daniel Hans Tan. Cover images owned by Games Workshop.

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