Adeptus Mechanicus x Space Wolves

Battle Report by Kia Lim

SUMMER LEAGUE GAME 2: Space Wolves (Je) vs. Cult Mechanicus (Kia)

Tech-Priest Dominus Billy wakes up one morning and discovers his favorite toaster is missing! He hears wolves howling in the distance and pieces everything together. That damned Wolf Lord Jimmy and his pranks. TO WAR!!! Muster the servitor army! Billy arrives to Castle Land with a vast host of Space Wolves with allied Guards arrayed in force, ready to defend the toaster.

Deployment – Space Wolves
Deployment – Adeptus Mechanicus
Deployment – Full Table

Pre-Game: Squad of Dragoons move up and infiltrate to threaten the Wolves’ left flank.

Battle Round 1:
Space Wolves take 1st turn. Stormwolf moves all the way to the center of the table while Long Fangs disembark from the Razorback. 10 Guardsmen move up to try and secure an objective. Stormwolf shoots all guns at 3 Breachers. All but 1 survive with 1 wound remaining. 5 Long Fangs fire all missiles at a squad of 5 rangers hiding. Cover keeps everyone alive.

The Mechanicus take their turn. 12 destroyers with plasma move up to trace laser targeting at the Storm Wolf and 20 guardsmen. Rangers prepare to lay down their lives and form the meat shields. The masochistic lone breacher is healed with 1 servitor sacrifice and moves up to take more of the pain, ready for the Wulfen plague. 

Four Dragoons move up and prepare to charge the enemy’s backline… the Razorback and Longfangs look juicy. 8D6 shots of buffed and overcharged plasma take down the Stormwolf. 

5 Wulfen and 5 Grey Hunters fall nimbly to the ground and no one is slain. 4D6 shots at the 20 guardsmen thin them down. 

The dragoons make their charge and tie up 1 Razorback and 10 Long Fangs in close combat, killing 5 long fangs, leaving 2 wounds on the Razorback and they consolidate for the kill.

Battle Round 2:
The Wolves are enraged. The Wulfen move up, drool dripping from their mouth, fangs bared in anger. They all but ignore the masochistic breacher looking for the hurt and charge the Kastelan Robots. Meanwhile, 2 Wolf Lords and 1 Wolf Guard teleport into the fray. 1 Wolf Guard supports the Wulfen while 2 Wolf Lords go to their backline and threaten the Dragoons. They look around in confusion… where are the 5 other Grey Hunters that were supposed to go in the Teleportorium after them? Vox reports Grey Hunter team is currently drunk from too much Wulfsmeade and will try to come in tomorrow. Lord Commander Je drops his head in dismay and shakes his fist at Omnissiah-Blessed Kia. What they lack in Grey Hunters, they make up in ferocity! Wulfen with the Wolf Guard charges the Robots and kills 2. Wolf Guard took 1 damage from overwatch. Wolf Lords both try to charge the Dragoons but could not make the 9-meter run… Damn the Wulfsmeade! Long Fangs try to fight off the Dragoons, but couldn’t lay a scratch. Dragoons hit back and kill both Razorback and 5 Long Fangs. Kastelan Robots fight back and kills 1 Wulfen.

The Mechanicum laughs in robot. Victory is near 101010110!!! Robots fall back and run for help. 9D6 fully buffed and supercharged plasma decimate the remaining Wulfen. Their storm shields put up a valiant effort, but no shield technology was superior to Ryza Plasma Weapons. 3D6 shots go to the remaining squad of Guardsmen to wipe them off the field. The Dragoons, mad with a mechanical blood (oil?) frenzy, charge 20 Mortar Guardsmen with 2 Wolf Lords nearby. Dragoons make their charge, but lo! Wold Lords intervenes into the fight with a 6-meter dash and activates Armor of Russ! Dragoons now fight last. Time to smash!!! 1 Wolf Lord destroys a Dragoon, which exploded and everyone took damage. Another Wolf Lord destroys another dragoon, who failed to explode. The Guardsmen use their 1st Millennium bayonets and tries to scratch the mechanical chickens to no avail.

The 2 remaining Dragoons fight back and kills 10 guardsmen, wounding 1 Wolf Lord. Then they consolidated into the Commander Warlord.

Battle Round 3:
The Wolf Lords finish off the Dragoons. Both of them explode, killing the Warlord who already had a wound. The Mechanicum take their turn to finish off the remaining Grey Hunters (the latecomers came in and died too) and a Land Speeder.

Battle Round 4 & 5:
Seeing the folly of their prank, the Wolves hide in cover. The Mechanicum advances forward. Suppressive Ranger shots kill 1 Grey Hunter. Tech-Priest Billy’s face grim and ready for retribution.

Battle Round 6: 
Finally, the Mechanicum reaches the back line. Plasma destroys 1 Commander and a single Guardsman that stayed to watch. Rangers jump in through the windows and kill off 4 Grey Hunters. An Enginseer uses his pistol and kills another lone Guardsman, who was just there to serve drinks. Kastelan Robots switches to Protector Protocol and fire 36 shots at 1 Wolf Lord, slaying him.

Results: Wolf Lord Jimmy surrenders the toaster to Tech-Priest Billy. What a way to waste resources in the 41st millennium.

Space Wolves – 1 Stormwolf, 1 Razorback, 1 Land Speeder, 15 Grey Hunters, 10 Long Fangs, 38 Guardsmen, 2 Commanders, 1 Wolf Guard, 1 Wolf Lord, 5 Wulfen
Mechanicus – 2 Kastelan Robots, 4 Servitors, 2 Rangers, 4 Dragoons

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All battle reports and game results welcome.

Photos by Christian Dale Sayson. Cover images owned by Games Workshop.

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