Lich Lord Terminus x Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

Battle Reports by Jeffrey Quiambao and Carlo Bagapzee

For this week, we have a two-in-one special! Two games between Jeffrey Quiambao’s Lich Lord Terminus going up against Carlo Bagapzee’s Absylonia, Terror of Everblight!

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Battle Report by Jeffrey Quiambao

Cryx vs. Legion of Everblight 25pts @ West Centris

Cryx Mechanithralls and a Deathripper moved in on the right while holding a 2nd squad in ambush. The rest moved into the center.

Legion Scythian took cover at the center near the Neraph at left then the Angelius on the right. At the rear, the supporting cast would verse fury.

The Deathripper repositioned at the right and arced 4 spells at the Angelius but only one hit for minimal damage. McThralls walk in nearby. On the left Ambush McThralls position to cover Terminus and the Deathjack.

Legion Angelius went on a bombing run to destroy the chicken then used its animus to move back. Neraph similarly moved but went too deep due to opposing tough rolls and get stranded within a chargeable distance of Cryx Heavies but is able to score on the left flag for Legion.

The Deathjack charged and destroyed the Neraph. Thralls moved in to impede the Scyther’s vectors while Terminus flew in nearby. A soul collector claimed the right flag and Thralls scrambled to cover the area. 1-1

Legion Scythean with flying charged to destroy the Deathjack. Tough checks aside, the warlock takes out a few thralls then the Angelius flew in from the right side. 1-2

Terminus Destroys the Scythian as the Cryx overrun both control zones. 1-4 Game was called in favor of Cryx.

Battle Report by Carlo Bagapzee

Cryx vs Legion of Everblight 25pts @East Centris Game 2

Cryx got the 1st turn and moved up its units: the Mcthralls and deathripper on the left flank and Deathjack on the right. Terminus, necrosurgeons, skrall and machine wraith went up at the middle

Legion turn 1 moved up with all 3 heavy warbeasts going to the right flank and put up the pressure. Absylonia (proxy Kryssa), shepherds, swamp bellows crew and forsaken supported at the back.

Cryx turn 2 the 2nd unit of thralls came from ambush through the left side. The right zone is swarmed by the mindless undead. The deathripper moved up into arc node position. Terminus, deathjack and the Skrall all attempted to cast Hellfire on the forsaken but was unable to kill it! The burning ash safely concealed the little lady dragon spawn thing!

Sadly, was unable to take a picture of Legion turn 2. But after the failed attempt to kill the forsaken, Absylonia casted Playing God on the Scythean and Refuge on Typhon. With the right side having most threat, the Scythean charged the Mechanithralls near the building with enough melee range to reach and kill the deathripper and 2 thralls. Typhon moved to the right and sprayed 3 times, killing only 3 Mechanithralls. He Refuged back into center position in case the Deathjack decided to mess with the Neraph, who was contesting the right zone. Bellows crew moved up to block charges to Absylonia and the forsaken, who retreated to the right side.

Cryx Turn 3: Terminus used his feat, flew over to kill the Scythean behind the building, but is left with no focus. The Mechanithralls charged the shepherd, bellows crew and surprisingly had enough reach to hit the forsaken and Absylonia. The shepherd, forsaken and 1 bellow crew died from the assault but Absylonia remained unscathed. Three soul tokens for Terminus to boost his survivability. The other thralls move up and body block Terminus from any charges from Typhon making an assassination difficult for the vulnerable Terminus.

Legion Turn 3. All or nothing. Neraph charged a mcthrall and proceeded to beatback, then casted the animus Attractor to pull in 3 mcthralls and a brute thrall. It proceeded to kill the brute thrall and 1 mcthrall to give typhon some space to charge. Absylonia moved up to gain line of sight on the thralls near Terminus and was subject to 3 free strikes from the mchtralls surrounding her and survives the ordeal! Unfortunately, we saw that there was enough space to put in Typhon between Terminus so Absylonia moving to cast Blightburst was kind of useless. She used her feat to heal all damages instead lol

The now or never assassination attempt. Typhon charged Terminus thanks to Playing God with buffs to strength, speed and gained flight. An all or nothing attack happened as only 2 of the 3 initial attacks were successful and dealing barely enough damage even with 1 boosted damage roll. Typhon was forced to buy 3 attacks. The last attack connected and dealt enough damage to kill off Terminus!

Post game, we forgot that Terminus had Tough but we decided it was A-OK and Legion won via assassination.

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All battle reports and game results welcome.

Photos by Jeffrey Quiambao and Carlo Bagapzee. Original images owned by Privateer Press.

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