Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight, vs Testament of Menoth

Battle Report by Liam Razo

Protectorate of Menoth (me) vs. Legion of Everblight (Carlo Bagapzee)

This is my 2nd game using Menoth and fielding a full 50pts worth of stuff, honestly its a lot more than what I expected coming from a Trollbloods player but it was fun and a lot more challenging.

Hope you guys enjoy this battle report! Lets start off with the list!

So my list consist of proxies which I will indicate on the said list (I still don’t have the models and am trying them out to see if I still wanna priorities on purchasing them in the future)

Protectorate Army – 50 / 50 points
[Theme] Exemplar Interdiction

[High Reclaimer 2] Testament of Menoth [+27] (proxy using severius 1)
– Castigator [12]
– Crusader [10]
– Revenger [10]
Exemplar Errant Seneschal [3]
Exemplar Warder Elias Gade [0(5)]
Choir of Menoth (min) [4]
Exemplar Cinerators (max) [13]
Exemplar Errants (max) [16]
Knights Exemplar [9]
– Knights Exemplar Officer [0(4)] (Proxy using Kreoss 1)

And I just realize upon making this list that SHIT AM SO SORRY I was over the point limit by adding the officer and standard for the knights errant! CRUD!

Carlos list was something I’ve grown quite use to with one new light warbeast that I haven’t faced yet.

Legion Army – 50 / 50 points

[Kryssa 1] Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight [+31]
– Azrael [21]
– Carnivean [18]
– Naga Nightlurker [8]
– Succubus [4]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
Blighted Nyss Shepherd [1]
The Forsaken [4]
Blackfrost Shard [9]
Blighted Nyss Swordsmen (min) [9]
– Blighted Nyss Swordsman Abbot & Champion [6]

We were playing the Recon 2 scenario, two rectangle zones 6″x12″, 2 flags at the corner and 2 objectives. 

Scoring was at the end of 2nd players 2nd turn.

I won the roll off but I decided to go 2nd and let Carlo go first, I didn’t really think about it for a while and kinda made a mistake in choosing my field of the board, the rubble terrain in the middle really hampered my warcasters movement and the choirs which made it harder for them to follow along with the jacks later on in the game to give them buffs (which in all honesty didn’t really help WHAT SO EVER)

It was an interesting list tho as I went thru it and fielded them to where they are currently positioned. Pretty much no one has any range weapons except for the errants (which were not so great but its a plus than nothing) 

I decided to evenly split the warjacks on both control points so that I can have a potential to contest/control for an early lead, the great thing about the theme is it gives all my guys a +2 to their deployment giving them that mobility to strike early on the following turns.

Carlo had the same idea in deployment and was somewhat of a mirror from what I had which you’ll see why as the game progresses. 

Its been awhile since the last time I played the game so forgive me if I made any mistakes (and believe me I did a lot) But it was a good refresher to learn the rules and thankfully I still remember some of what carlos eyeless dudes can do.

Turn 1 for Legion of Everblight

Carlo just ran up most of the stuff he has deployed and cast a couple of buffs here and there and give as much defensive boost as possible to his guys.

He also made sure that Azrael had the potential to snipe my castigator which to my dismay I walked right into. 

Menoth turn 1

On my turn knowing that I had more board presence and the fact I was ahead in the deployment zone, I took the advantage and pressed my knights errant forward. Making sure that most of them were just close enough for their crossbows to be in range but not so close than the Carnevean would be able to get a charge on them.

Took a few potshots on them and killed 2 or 3 of the Nyss swordsmen

The rest of my stuff moved up and testament cast buffs like cloak of ash on the knights errant and Hallowed Avenger on the castigator.

Legion of Everblight Turn 2

Carlo played more games than I have in this game and it certainly shows. He made sure he had good control of the situation and funnel up my guys in such a way that the only plan I can think of is to move towards his guys and charge. 

Carnevean proceeds to spray at a couple of my errants killing 3 in the process, while the black frost shard unit did their best to debuff my castigator with -2 def, and increase the damage I take from azraels Spear (real sorry I forgot what the ability is but am sure you can just look it up!)

Azrael did a whopping 15 damage total to my castigator and manage to destroy my right arm, making him half useless now.

To add salt to that lemony wound he placed one of his Blight Nyss shepherd in front of Azrael with a cloud buff that follows it around to prevent my castigator from charging it.

Menoth Turn 2. 

My faith is strong however! and decided it was time to activate Testaments Feat, which makes all of my guys incorporeal for one round and because of the souls he got from the dead Errants, I decided to bring them back again to keep the momentum of bodies going!

My Errants charged at the Carnevean, I wasnt expecting much out of them but they did some serious wounds to it with just 4 dudes to the point they crippled his body. (assault didnt matter so lol)

Since all of my other dudes are incorporeal I took advantage of it and ran my Crusader on the right objective to contest and hopfully capture as soon as most of Carlos units are dead. 

Knights exemplar move up to support the rest when the Nyss swordsman charges at them. Elias Gade chose the Black frost unit to be his prey target and manage to kill one of them but failed on the 2nd shot. Castigator charged at the Black frost but also FAILED to kill one MSDKLJHALKS

Cinerators charge at the Nyss Sheperd blocking Azrael and burn her with righteous fury!

Testament moves up a little and is guarded by the Revenger, the choir just moved… cause you know… they still exist.

Legion of Everblight Turn 3

So a lot of things went wrong with what I did on the 2nd turn. These were things I didnt really count for but Carlo pulled a great move on his part. 

1st, The Nyss Swordsmen are OP, 2nd the Carnevean can still kick ass and 3rd, Azrael is too damn strong!

With that being said I got a lot of souls out of those dead bodies, and hopefully, on my turn, I can resurrect some of them back and reposition them to make a conga line. Either way, it was a bloody massacre on Carlos 3rd turn!

Menoth turn 3

So I got a lot of souls from that massacre and thankfully testament can bring most of them back!

Before I did tho, with that many clear space I figured it was a good opportunity to let the Knights Exemplar shine on this turn and popped their mini feat divine retribution!! Which gives them an additional die to attack and damage and discard the lowest result (WHICH IS HUGE)

Altho ofcourse everblight has their own tricks, so as soon as I charged the 2nd knight exemplar unto the carnevean he countercharged one of the nyss swordsman preventing my other knights to go to the Carnevean which I think was a really good move. the rest move up to slaughter the swordsman with righteous fury!!! (and they did)

I decided to also revive the cinerators and surround Azrael in the hopes that if ever he does fly out of combat, all of them can make a free strike which would potentially, grievously wound him in the process.

Testy (Testament) decides to go where theres more knights on the field and the choir being useless as they are now ran up and made a mini wall to prevent any surprise shenanigans from passing thru and hitting Testy.

Everblight Turn 4

And shenanigans it was! Carlo knowing his defeat inevitable decided that the best course of action was to use Azrael and chuck his spear unto testament! 

In a desperate move, he did his best to clear most of the cinerators surrounding Azrael so that he can get out of the combat without receiving a lot of hits in return. Kryssa 1 also did her best to clear the wall of knights with a spray attack which some went down (including a choir) but it wasn’t enough to kill testament and at the end of it all Carlo called the game with testament only having 4 wounds.

Additional picture of my Knights errant failure to damage the Carnivean!

Azrael knowing defeat at hand, desperately with his last ounce of strength, chuck two spears at testament in hopes of killing him and losing the moral of the Menites but their God had other plans and Testament escaped death!

Good game Carlo Bagapzee and Really sorry about the additional points for the officer! I really didn’t notice that and will make sure to refine and recheck my list the next time we face again!

Thanks to all those who are reading this, while it may seem a short battle report, it took us 4 hours to finish lol.

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All battle reports and game results welcome.

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