Adeptus Mechanicus x Orks

Battle Report by Kia Lim

The Summer League is finally underway! First game of this season was between Orks and the Mechanicum. Before the game started, robot chickens infiltrate and move in to threaten gretchins camping on an objective while 60 Ork Boyz jump in their Teleporta.

Turn 1: A giant Squiggoth at the center of the table that took down 1 Kastelan robot and the Mechanicum avenged their fallen comrade with 40+ fully-charged plasma shots that turned poor Cuddles to a giant puddle. 20 Ork Lootas fall to the ground, but only 1 died. The survivors were shot down to the last man (Ork?) with 54 shots from the remaining Kastelans.

Turn 2: 60 Orks magically appear in front of the Mechanicum while 11, aided by the powers of the warp, Da Jumped in front of the robot chickens. Badly aimed dakka shots take down a few rangers holding the line and they charged. 60 Boyz failed to make their charge while 11 managed to hit the robot chickens, destroying one. The Chickens hit back and kill 10 Boyz. Then, the Mechanicum shot back and killed 56 Boyz and killed the remaining Nob holding back 3 giant chickens.

Turn 3: 2 Ork Warbosses and 2 Weirdboyz regroup with their gretchins while the Mechanicum remains stationary to reload. 3 Chickens move up and charge 10 Gretchins holding an objective. They kill all but 1 brave little goblin.

Turn 4: Ork Warbosses and Weirdboyz gang up on the chickens to avenge the Ork Children. The Ork Warlord single-handedly kill 3 Chickens. 1 managed to explode, killing a Weirdboy, the hero goblin, and 2 grots. The Mechanicum now sees gretchins in range and decimate the little green guys.

Turn 5: 1 Warboss goes into a frenzy and Da Jumps in front of 3 Rangers. He shoots down a few and tries to charge, but trips! Plasma fire takes him down.

Turn 6: The Mechanicum has won the field and the Orks regroup, plotting their revenge.

Orks: 71 Boyz, 20 Lootas, 20 Gretchins, 1 Weirdboy, 1 Warboss, 1 Squiggoth
Mechanicum: 4 Rangers, 1 Kastelan, 3 Servitors, 4 Dragoons

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All battle reports and game results welcome.

Photos by Kia Lim. Cover images owned by Games Workshop.

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