Baldur the Stonesoul vs Captain Victoria Haley

Battle Report by Vicvic Villavicencio

WMH games a couple days ago at the Dragonforge.

Turn One

Circle Orboros: Moved everything up. Shifted 2 heavies behind the wall (from Baldur) with Shifting Stones, getting as much ground as possible, ready to contest

Cygnar: Moved up as well using the forest to block line of sight and taking potshots with the Blockhouse. Cygnar set up a cloud wall.

Turn Two

Stone Strength Wold Guardian charged a Trencher. With its 1″ melee RNG battering rams, it attacked the nearby Ol’ Rowdy, breaking his arm and cortex. The second Wold Guardian destroyed the right hunter in the trench. Everyone else moved up. Baldur used his feat, Hallowed Ground.

Cygnar, with dice off 11 for most things when under feat, he decided to try to get the infantry and kills some Mannikins. Importantly, Cygnar contested the zones 1:1. The Cygnaran warcaster used his feat.

Turn Three

Everything went to maximum Fury and charged the Blockhouse and both jacks. Baldur has no transfer targets so I opted to use the fury to kill his solos with Crevasse and hid behind a rock wall under Roots,scoring 4:1

Cygnar made a big Long Gunner combined ranged attack with Snipe, allowing the double CRA straight to my caster and dealt a chunk of damage to Baldur. The rest of the models ran into contest range or try to destroy a Wold Guardian. He can’t contest the right flag so he ended his turn 5:1

Turn Four

I passed the turn and ended with control points advantage 6:1

Vicvic Villavicencio’s Circle Orboros victorious over Gino Tano’s Cygnar via control points.

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All battle reports and game results welcome. Photos by Vicvic Villavicencio. Edit by Kim Navarro. Originally posted on Facebook.

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