Lord Tyrant Zaadesh vs The Dreamer

Battle report by Kim Navarro

I had just finished painting my Dreamer and her Phantasms so I figured they would need to see some table time. I don’t have much in the way of painted units so it as back to Dark Menagerie for me. Here is the list that I used, comprised of a selection of painted models that I have in my collection of Grymkin:

Grymkin Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Dark Menagerie

[Dreamer 1] The Dreamer [+28]


  • Cage Rager [14]
  • Crabbit [0(-)]
  • Crabbit [0(-)]
  • Crabbit [0(-)]
  • Gorehound [6]
  • Gorehound [6]
  • Rattler [8]
  • Skin & Moans [15]
  • Skin & Moans [15]
  • Skin & Moans [15]

Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [5]
Gremlin Swarm [0(3)]
Gremlin Swarm [0(3)]
Gremlin Swarm [3]
Gremlin Swarm [3]
Death Knell [13]

The two other Arcana I picked for the game were Sacrifice and Ruin. My reasoning behind the choice: My force will eventually suffer casualties, and my opponent will probably have some upkeep spell, or will cast some spell that will turn the game in his favor.

Admittedly, I tried to play casually blind as I can, not reading the entirety of Jam’s list even if they were openly available. I just tried to make for an interesting and entertaining game as well as a mutually beneficial learning experience for both of us.

Off the bat, I did not see any direct way for The Dreamer to commit a caster kill. Since Jam won the roll off and picked to go first, I shifted gears on how to guarantee some control points on my side of the board. The easiest would be knocking off his objective and claiming the nearest flag on my side. Having a good number of solos was an added advantage. I kept The Dreamer incorporeal with her Wraith Walker ability for most of the game.

After that, it was all a blur of me trying to react to what Jam was doing.

I took the lead on control points with the closest flag to me by sending a Gremlin Swarm to claim it. With Manifest Destiny on my Skin & Moans and Cage Rager, I managed to take care of any models that could have contested it, like his Rhinodon and Cyclops Savage.

I am primarily a Warmachine player (with my Khador), so playing with Hordes like Grymkin, I often overextended my warbeasts in terms of having their fury maxed out. But interestingly enough, while Zaadesh’s Scorpion’s Sting was active, charging Paingiver Beast Handlers with a warbeast was not a very good idea. The Inflict Pain on their Barbed Whips with Defensive Strike maxed out my Gorehound’s fury, rendering my charge useless.

I sent my Gorehounds, Rattler, Phantasms and whatever else I can to keep his Mammoth and Titan Gladiator busy. All the while, I was racking up the control points while keeping from from scoring his own.

My MVP for the game was definitely my warlock, The Dreamer, and how she can put in help at the right place and the right time, while keeping herself relatively safe.

I asked Jam for some of his insights on the game:

  1. Learning game for both, with me playing after a long layoff (and a lot of Skorne CID) and you trying out a new warlock in a faction you don’t play as much.
  2. With gargantuans, have to anticipate how lanes can be jammed in advance. Even by your own models. Also have to be more aggressive with gargantuans. Mammoths can take a hit.
  3. Paingiver Beast Handlers are more than just warbeast supporters. Offensively, if given a chance, especially against Hordes factions, make sure to take advantage of opportunities to add fury tokens on enemy warbeasts or use Anatomical Precision. But not to the point that you sacrifice them.
  4. Don’t underestimate Zaadesh and Basilisk flanking combo. Krea does more than cast Force Aura. The +2 to attack roll and additional damage die is big. And opponent usually does not expect the bonuses.
  5. Don’t get frustrated and abandon your strategy (stupid slayer corpse guy) when the dice do not roll in your favor. This is war, after all, things happen. Need to always be able to adjust on the fly.

Not too bad for a first game. I will try to get some more games in with my Grymkin. Kim Navarro’s Grymkin victorious over Jam Ibanez’s Skorne via control points.

Photos by Jam Ibanez and Kim Navarro.

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